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Botham marriage/birth Stockport


Loyal Member
My gt gt grandmother was born in Stockport in 1833 according to the Censuses. Her father was John Botham. I have not been able to trace a record of Elizabeth's birth as it was pre registration. I sent for the birth cert of her sister Ellen born 1839 to discover her mother's maiden name. Now, thanks to the LDS putting the Cheshire Parish records on line I have found the marriage between John Botham and Ann Goolden, Ellen's mother (from the birth cert). The marriage took place in 1838, five years after Elizabeth's birth in 1833. This fact should have set alarm bells ringing but it didn't. The cert arrived this morning and John was a widower when he married Ann. So I still don't know who Elizabeth's mother was.
I've tried all the LDS options, the Cheshire OPC site (which only seems to cover the Wirral and nearby places, not Stockport). The genealogy site I subscribe to doesn't have Cheshire births and the area covered for marriages is limited. FreeREG has nothing.
Does anyone know of any other sites where I can look for John's first marriage and the birth of Elizabeth in 1833, her sister Ann in 1834 and brother Thomas in 1826? I've found a possible death for her mother. An Ann Botham death was registered in Stockport in 1837.
If anyone has access to parish registers for Stockport and would be willing to do a look up I'd be so grateful.
Thanks in advance,


Well-known member
Unfortunately I do not have the time to spare in order to do this look up for you. Manchester Central Library has the following records for St Mary's:

Stockport- St Mary
Baptism Index-1745-1755- F929.342734 St1
Baptisms-1584-1629- MFPR 370
Baptisms-1629-1791- MFPR 371
Baptisms-1792-1821- MFPR 372
Baptisms-1821-1835- MFPR 373
Baptisms-1835-1849- MFPR 374
Baptisms-1849-1878- MFPR 375
Baptisms-1878-1901- MFPR 376
Burial Index-1745-1755- F929.342734 St1
Burials-1584-1629- MFPR 370
Burials-1629-1791- MFPR 371
Burials-1792-1823- MFPR 385
Burials-1824-1838- MFPR 386
Burials-1838-1909- MFPR 387
Burials Transcript-1584-1913- N. Cheshire FHS Fiche
Marriage Index-1799-1837- Stockport Fiche
Marriages-1584-1629- MFPR 370
Marriages-1629-1754- MFPR 371
Marriages-1754-1799- MFPR 377
Marriages-1799-1818- MFPR 377A
Marriages-1818-1837- MFPR 377B
Marriages-1837-1847- MFPR 378
Marriages-1847-1853- MFPR 379
Marriages-1853-1861- MFPR 380
Marriages-1861-1868- MFPR 381
Marriages-1868-1876- MFPR 382
Marriages-1876-1886- MFPR 383
Marriages-1886-1901- MFPR 384
Registers Transcript-1584-1620- 929.3271 S1

You will note that there is an index of marriages 1799-1837. If you write to the Archivist he may supply you with the marriage details free of charge.



Loyal Member
Many thanks Gerard for the info re the RO move. I think I'll wait until the dust has settled before I go.

Many thanks Trace for the death info. I'm 99.9% certain that the John Botham death is one of my Johns but cannot work out if either one of the Ann's are mine.I've already sent for one death cert for an Ann who died in 1838 only to find that she had no connection to my Bothams - can't afford to send for any more just yet, so will bear the details in mind

The only BOTHAM I can find is at Stockport St Mary
Henry Brant BOTHAM 31 March 1833 Parents Charles and Ann Fathers occupation Printer from Chestergate

Some earlier ones, also Stockport St Mary.
Sally Botham 18 Jun 1813 Parent John and Ann Fathers occupation Spinner from Longshut Lane
Sally Botham 13 Apr 1817 Parent John and Ann Fathers occupation Spinner from Longshut Lane
Not sure if this the same person baptised twice, or the first died and same name given to another.
I dont have burials, so cant check for you.

Looked at Mount Taber Methodist, none there.


Loyal Member
Thanks for the look up Carol. John Botham, spinner and wife Ann (Bradford) were my 4 x gt grandparents. They had two daughters called Sally both of whom died in infancy. They also had Mary Elizabeth, Betsey and John. Elizabeth also didn't make it through childhood. It is John I am interested in as he is my 3 x gt grandfather. He married twice. With his first wife he had three children Elizabeth (born 1833), Ann (1834) and Thomas (1836) all born in Stockport according to the Censuses. Presumably his wife then died and he married Ann Goolden in 1838.
I would like to find details of the births of Elizabeth, Ann and Thomas to try and find out who his first wife was, as she was my 3 x gt grandmother. I am descended from her daughter Elizabeth. I do know that the family had nonconformist connections as John was baptised at The Tabernacle in Hill Gate, Stockport.

Jean P

New member
I hope the following is news to you. I have recorded anything to do with my Botham family in Liverpool and in passing found the following on the family who were from Stockport.

Buried at St Mary’s Stockport,
all from Hillgate.
Sally Botham, aged 2 years on 15th Dec 1819, daughter of
John Botham aged 59 years, buried 14th Dec 1828
Also a Thomas Bothams buried at 7 months on 27th Aug 1822

Charles Botham had two sons, John and Charles (E) born in Stockport.
Charles E stayed in Stockport, John went to Liverpool

1841 Census King St West, Stockport
Charles Botham 30 Collector
Ann Botham 25
John Botham 11
Henry Botham 8
Charles Botham 6
William Botham 3 m

1881 Census London Rd, Bramhall, Stockport
Charles E Botham 46 Joiner Stockport
Elizabeth Botham 49 Silk Winder Bosden
Sarah A Botham 21 Silk Winder Bosden
John C Botham 19 Joiner Bramhall
Henry B Botham 17 Joiner Bramhall
William Botham 14 Bramhall
Martha B Botham 12 Bramhall
Hannah F Botham 10 Bramhall
Isaac Botham 7 Bramhall

1881 Census 28 Dorrit Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool
David Wynne h 40 Corporation Inspector of Water Fittings Liverpool
Mary Wynne wife 40 Liverpool
Nellie G Wynne d 3 Liverpool
John Botham fil 70 Hot water engineer Stockport
Ann Botham sil unm 47 Servant, unemployed Stockport

John Botham was buried in 1909 in St James Cemetery Liverpool from Dorrit Street aged 98 years

Charles E Botham’s life was remembered in ‘The History of the Hazel Grove Industrial and Equitable Cooperative Society Ltd’ which can be found in Stockport Library.
Charles was Secretary of the Coop from its beginnings.
It said that he was born in Stockport in 1834 and left an orphan at a young age. His education was at the famous Stockport Sunday School He worked as a dyer then as a silk weaver when he married a Miss Pearson. To earn learn a new trade he did joinery in the evenings until he was skilled then worked as a joiner and cabinet maker. Later he became a shopman and eventually Secretary to the Coop in Hazel Grove. He was a Radical and staunch member of the Methodists.


Loyal Member
hello Jean,

I am sorry it has taken so loong to reply but I have had problems getting access to the site. I think the cause was my computer, though and not the site.

reference your information re the Botham family. I do not know where Charles fits in. The John Botham buried in St James Cemetery in 1909 is my three times gt grandfather. He was born in Stockport the son of John Botham and Ann Bradford. Both John and Ann were born in Staffordshire but the familes moved to Stockport at the end of the 1700's. John and Ann were married at St Mary Stockport 2nd March 1801 and had the following children:
Hannah 1801
Mary 1803
Elizabeth 1806-1808
Betsey 1809-1809
John 1810
Sally 1813-1817
Sally 1817-1819

All the children were baptised at St Mary except for John, who for some reason was baptised at The Tabernacle in Hillgate, Stockport.

I think John went on to marry a Margaret Gleave at Manchester Collegiate in 1832 and they had three children
Elizabeth 1833
Ann 1834
Thomas 1836.
All three give Stockport as their place of birth in the Censuses.

Smetime after Thomas's birth Margaret died but I have not been able find any record. however John was a widower when he married Ann Goolden in Bowdon, Cheshire 2nd May 1828.

john and Ann also had three children
Ellen born 1839 Cheadle Buckley. She went on to marry a William Curphey in Liverpool in 1871
Mary born 1840 in Liverpool. She married David Wynne but I can't find the marriage
Sarah born Liverpool 1842 died Liverpool 1843.

As you can see there is no Charles in the family.

Hope this helps.

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