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Bounty Ships - to Port Phillip [australia]

Im going to check it out for william gibson but got to get a magnifying glass tomorrow to see if it makes it easier to read some of them. If he is in there you will hear me carrying on a treat :rolleyes:

That's going to you a good while Gibbo, but at least you don't have to look through the whole lot for him.
I don't think he'll be on the Lusitania.:biggrin: :biggrin:


And i thaught the ship was full of these Gibbo....lovely....found any Gibsons?

Hi Lee
Yep come across a couple of Gibson's but cant read them properly so getting a magnifying glass today to have a better look. My lot might not even be in there but worth a look on the off chance.

Now the bountys .... it would have made a interesting trip if the ship was full of them ... everyone hyped on chocolate :eek: :2fun: :2fun:
Old William is becoming illusive aint he Gibbo....keep trying.

When i cant find any of them they become more intruiging. There will be a record of him somewhere just got to find it. I have no doubt he will be found. At least im sure of 2 things, his name and that he would be dead by now so thats a start:rolleyes: :2fun: :2fun: