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I have the birth certificate for my great grandma Fanny Boyd which shows she was born in Oct 1874 in Hull. Both parents are listed on it, William Ennison Boyd and Fanny Percy ( her mother)
Now Fanny Percy dies in 1875 , William remarries in 1879 but this is where I'm getting confused, Fanny Boyd doesnt show up on the 1881 census, as far as I can see. I know by 1891 she is working as a housemaid, can anyone shed any ideas which way i should start to look on this one?
Hi Tease

Found this Fanny Boyd on the 1881 census

civil parish Great and Little Hatfield

Fanny Boyd granddaughter age 8
Mary Boyd age 48
William Fletcher Boyd age 55

She looks like the same one on the 1891 census occ domestic servant.

Does William show up on the 1881 census?

yes William shows up as do the rest of the family. With Fanny being so young when her mum died, could it be possible she was sent to another family to stay? I guess somethings are just impossible to know .

William middle name is Ennison or emmerson, the birth certificate writing is alittle out there, plus I've found records under both names for the same families!!!!
Thanks for looking though.