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Brain Power.


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swindon wilts
A man on a cross,a man with a black moustache,a little portly man who smoked a cigar,a man who spent nearly thirty years in an African jail,a lady with a lamp,the iron lady,the first man on the moon,the man who shaked his hips and returned to sender,the man who had six wives,the lady who died in a Paris tunnel,the small gentle man with no hair in India,the despicable fat man in Uganda,the lady with the crown in London,the great Australian outlaw of Irish descent,the white man with big sideburns who helped to free the slaves,the green furry frog puppet,imagine the popstar from Liverpool,the lady who didnt want you to cry for Argentina,the Roman who built a great wall,the chinamen with a red book,the russian man with the red patch on his forehead,the lady who reigned who wasnt amused,the man with a black hat and walking stick but rarely talked,the brainy kangaroo from Australia,the first black president of America,.....and on and on.

I have never met these people and others, i havnt named them..but we all know who they are......we all have our own images and thaughts about these people for good and for bad but its amazing to me what that bit of grey matter in our heads can take in from a young age that is taught us and all the incredible images we hold in it...


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Hi Lee

One of the young painters that I had last week did not know about
Winston Churchill, Hitler, Rommel, and many other fairly recent people in History , oh! the other one was Nelson Mandela.

What do they teach them at school these days ?

I despair !! :mad:

PS. He was a good Painter and Decorator, so he has brownie points for that !!

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