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Brand New

hi everyone i am really new to this only two days old in fact lol.
trying to trace back to my great grandparents parents but cant find any census post 1901. Is there a reason for this ? any help would be appreciated.
Hi Smurf1

Welcome to the forum.

There are no released censuses post 1901 yet even though the 1911 and 1921 censuses do survive.

The 1911 census is the next one but that is due to be released in 2012 although some parts of the census will be released next year.


I think when they release part of the 1911 census it will be the urban areas.

If you know the address that a family lived at in 1911 you can get them to look it up for you but this costs £45.

I am happy to wait until next year for my London lot.

Hi smurf21 welcome to the FHUK forums.
i am really new to this only two days old in fact lol.
we all have to start somewhere, so welcome to the addictive world of geneology.
I would suggest that you talk to your living relatives and get whatever information they have on your ancestors first and take notes of what they tell you, and use this as a starting point, start with your history, then your parents, then your grandparents etc.
any information will need authenticity to make sure you are on the right track, as even though some information might seem right, at a later date will prove to be wrong.
The main thing is take your time and verify wherever you can.
We at FHUK wish you every success in your research and hope you enjoy using our forums.
Best regards StericoO0 helpusall