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Brick Wall: <First Name unknown> Gaundreaux/Gandereau/Gandrove

My great-grandmother, Zoe Blanche Irene Gaundrove (last name has too many variant spellings from death records to marraige certificate and family affects) was born around 1906 (unsure), apparently in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I've been attempting to solve a mystery surrounding her mother and father.


Her father was apparently from the Southern US, Louisiana or Missisipii, but no one knows his first name, and the last name, Gandrone/Gaundrove/Gaundereaux has so many variants, narrowing it down is impossible.

I found a census record in Manitoba. The name is similar enough (Zoe Gondron) but the year is off. The parents, Joseph and Bessie Gondron were born in the United States--but I'm stuck, especially with the variations in spelling. Her father apparently abandoned the family and went back to were he came from, and, apparently was shot for cheating at cards. I don't know if that's true!

They lived in Ward 5 in Manitoba... What's Ward 5?

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