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Brick Wall: <First Name unknown> Gaundreaux/Gandereau/Gandrove


My great-grandmother, Zoe Blanche Irene Gaundrove (last name has too many variant spellings from death records to marraige certificate and family affects) was born around 1906 (unsure), apparently in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I've been attempting to solve a mystery surrounding her mother and father.


Her father was apparently from the Southern US, Louisiana or Missisipii, but no one knows his first name, and the last name, Gandrone/Gaundrove/Gaundereaux has so many variants, narrowing it down is impossible.

I found a census record in Manitoba. The name is similar enough (Zoe Gondron) but the year is off. The parents, Joseph and Bessie Gondron were born in the United States--but I'm stuck, especially with the variations in spelling. Her father apparently abandoned the family and went back to were he came from, and, apparently was shot for cheating at cards. I don't know if that's true!

They lived in Ward 5 in Manitoba... What's Ward 5?
Hi Roots,

Looking at the census for Zoe Gondron, she has quite a few siblings! have you any knowledge of any of her siblings and do they fit with whats on the census.
Hi Roots,

Looking at the census for Zoe Gondron, she has quite a few siblings! have you any knowledge of any of her siblings and do they fit with whats on the census.

I know she had at least one brother, but I don't know anything about her sisters. And I don't have an Ancestry subscription as I thought, so I can't check on Ancestry.ca. :(

Is there a way of finding out what Bessie Gondron's maiden name is, and where she and Joseph were married? For that matter, where in the US she was from? I'd really like to learn all about my g-grandmother's parents.

Gondron may be the correct spelling, but nobodty else in the family knows.
Thanks! I don't know how you manage to find these results. Of course, a search for either Joseph J Gaudrow or Bessie Delve on Ancestry.com turns up no matches. What am I doing as a beginner geneologist that isn't working out?
Based on your research, I found even more information that could relate to my ancestor in the 1901 Canadian Census:

Name: Joseph J Gaundreau
Marital Status: Married
Age: 42
Birth Date: 10 Aug 1858
Birthplace: USA
Spouse's Name: Bessie D
Immigration Year: 1895
Occupation: Barber
Province: Manitoba
District: Winnipeg (City/Cité)
District Number: 12
Sub-District: Winnipeg (City/Cité) Ward/Quartier No 6
Sub-District Number: F-2
Family Number: 79
Page: 9

Could I ask a little more help now that I have a birthdate? Could you please help locate where in the US he might have been born--anything possible with the birthdate. His parents? I found something, but it's too inconclusive and another variant of the last name and birthdate. This has been great so far! Started out with almost nothing and now I know he was a barber, immigrated in 1894 or 1895, and was born on August 10, abt 1858!
On the Louisiana census there are a few possibilties but having so many variations of the surname its hard to determine if its the right one.

You really do need to get Zoe's birth cetificate which will give you her father and mothers name.

What other info do you have for Zoe eg did she marry have you her marriage certificate, who did she marry? you also mentioned a death do you have the death certificate if so who was the informant?

I don't have any birth/marriage/death documents. :( I found a reference to her death (1960) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She married Leslie Clinton Jones in 1925.

Sorry, but the link you provided above doesn't lead anywhere, just tells me:

"List all Matches...

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A shame about Joseph Gaundreau/Gondron/Gondrove/Gandron/Gaundrow, as I really wanted to find out where he was from, where his parents were from, and how and when he died. He was apparently shot for cheating at poker, back in his place of origin. Apparently he left Canada and left his family behind. I was pretty sure Bessie D was born somewhere in the US too.
The Bessie with Joseph on the 1901 census was born in Ontario abt 1871!

All you need to do on familysearch is to enter Bessie Delve/birthchristening/Canada. The Canadian census for 1881 will come up with Bessie and family.
1870 Lousiana

Home Donaldsonville, Ward 1, Ascension

Joseph Gandron age 70
Frederic Gandron age 45
Charles Gandron age 18
Emelia Gandron age 20
Alica Gandron age 16
Joseph Gandron age 14 born abt 1856
Adolphe Gandron age 10
Derere Gandron age 8
Prudent Mollere age 51

There is a death for a Joseph Gondron age 63 dod 25 Feb 1918
Parish Ascension

I would think the these 2 are the same person.
Louisiana 1860

Home Donaldsonville, Ascension
Post Office New River

GF Geautreau age 21
Mary Geautreau age 20
Joseph Geautreau 6 1/2 mths
Louisa Geautreau age 15

Pierre Part Ascension
Post office Paincourtville

Placide Gauthreaux age 28
Seraphine Gauthreaux age 24
Joseph Gauthreaux age 5
Armas Gauthreaux age 2
Josphine Maitrejean age 16

These are just a few.
1911 census Canada

Province Manitoba
District Winnipeg City
Habitation 120 Harriet

Bessie Graundrow age 40 head married born Ontario Tribal English birth date
Jul '1871
Madeleane Graundrow age 12 birth date June 1898
Flossie L Graundrow age 1 birth date Mar 1910
Gladies A Graundrow age 9 birth date Jun 1902
Elma R Graundrow age 6 birth date Sep 1904
Zoe (transcribed as Loe by Ancestry) age 5 birth date Nov 1905
Chesney Graundrow age 2 birth date Sep 1908

All children down as tribal French
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Thanks for all your help. I don't think it will be possible to narrow down Jiseph Gondron any further. It may have been the correct one who died in 25 Feb 1918, Ascenscion, Louisianna. He left his family at some point in his life to return where he came from. I'm not sure why he would have done this, and the legend is, he was shot cheating at cards. I wish I knew more, and where his own family descended from.