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Brick wall help…


New member
I have been researching my family tree for years and thought I had it figured out until I did a DNA test which although showed I was related to some of the correct ancestors another DNA match has done research which has come up completely different to mine.

I know my ancestor great grandfather William Dixon b.1863 Alnwick was illegitimate we also think his mother committed suicide when he was young (but don't know this for a fact). We have found his birth certificate and found him living in Alnwick with Jane, his mother, in 1871. I thought I had found Jane's parents on the census with Jane is both 51 and 61 in Lasswade, Scotland (we believe that this is where she was born due to family conversations in the past however my great grandfather was quite guarded about his family history or he did not know anything).

I have a DNA match with a William Dickson (Jane's presumed father) however the brick wall is that another lady who DNA matches with him also has done research which leads her to believe that William's daughter Jane was in fact married to a Hugh McInnes and moved and died to Canada.

Any advice? I just can't find Jane anywhere before or after the 1871 census where she is with her son, William, unless it is her.

I think she committed suicide after she had another illegitimate son, George, and rolled onto his resulting in his death as a new baby.
Hi Jules, great to have you here!

Sounds like you’ve been on an interesting journey researching, have you any documents you can share so we can help you get through this brick wall
The 1871 says Jane born in 1846, Alnwick. Could on of these be her?

GRO Reference: 1848 S Quarter in ALNWICK UNION Volume 25 Page 249

GRO Reference: 1845 J Quarter in ALNWICK UNION Volume 25 Page 216