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Brick Wall- Quebec is a Black Hole

I have discovered that the records in Canada, particularly Quebec prior to 1850 are pretty sparse but I'm hoping some of you experts might have some suggestions. I have come to a dead end with 3 branches of my family, all around Montreal/ Lachute QC.

McCluskey- I have Joseph McCluskey and Catherine Robinson marriage - July 25, 1843 at Montréal (Anglican Christ Church Cathedral,Actes), Québec. I have 3 children:
Mary A 1844
John 1851
William 1854

I have John and William's marriages in Lachute QC and Mary A with Catherine also in Lachute on the 1891 census. I don't have a death for Joseph but he's listed as the 'late' Joseph on John's marriage in 1875.

I am looking for birth records for any children of Joseph and Catherine- there may be more than the three I have, in or around Montreal. Also births for Joseph and Catherine- Joseph might have been born in Canada, or Ireland, Catherine I believe was born in 1813, in Ireland but no idea where. I haven't had any luck find them on the 1851 census either.

Any info or suggestions appreciated.

I have two other family names to check but I'll list them in another post.
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Thanks Julie!

i just found another Census listing for Catherine and kids in 1871!

I had Mary Ann's yob way off! And there's another sister.

Letitia 21 ,born 1850
Mary Ann 19, b 1852
John 17
William 16
And again in 1861 in Lachute, under Catherine Robertson!

So Joseph is dead by 1861- I had a possible dod of Nov 23 1863 so that's out. Also there's another daughter Margret born 1845. All the children are listed as being born in Lower Canada. Whatever that means at that point.
Hey Julie,

I checked out the site and found the listing for the church Joseph and Catherine were married in as a starting point but I don't know what to do with that info

Christ Church Cathedral 1841-1858 Anglican Archives

M 336/4 -this is the FFSQ film#

2021266 - LDS film #

Is there somewhere to go look up these online? Or is it an in person thing?
Hey Julie,
I haven't given up on this idea yet - I've been busy slogging through records and am no further on any of the three missing branches. Still looking for Archibald McVicar b 1810 (most likely in Scotland) d 1897 Lachute Quebec, his wife Elizabeth Fraser ( or Frazer) born 1822 also most likely Scotland, d 1885 Lachute Quebec. They had at least 2 children - Elizabeth born 1850, likely in Lachute or nearby and John Duncan who I believe was born around 1864 He married two Logan sisters, Emma and Ada- they end up in Montreal. Elizabeth McVicar married John McCluskey in 1873 and they turn up in Brownsburg on every census from 1881 to 1911. I would like very much to find when and where Archy McVicar and Elizabeth Fraser came from as well as births of any children. Otherwise I am at a standstill here, just like the McCluskeys.

The French side of the family however is easy-I'm back about 6 generations now, in the exact same area and not a roadblock to be found- have to hand it to the Catholic church for perfect record keeping! Looks like I have to change the title of this thread to Quebec is a big Black Hole unless you're Catholic