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Brickwall: Walter A. S. STANLEY of ? London 1881- 1944


Active member
Hi everyone
MY grandfather, Walter Alexander Stanley STANLEY, is a brickwall. Sometimes I even feel like throwing a brick at him! Anyway. The first certificate I have found on him was his marriage to my grandmother, Maria DENT b 1881 of Bottesford, Leic - 17 Jul 1917. He is aged 36, a widower, master mariner. His father is recorded as Francis Stanley STANLEY, also a master mariner. This is the only certainty I have.
Walter was dressed in full military uniform (army - a gunner in the Grenadier Guards) for his wedding, which I thought odd with his seafaring background. We know he served overseas, and was injured. He lost part of one finger, shrapnel wounds to the chest and stomach and was also badly gassed. We also know he had 3 medals from WWI (and my family in the UK threw them out on my grandmother's death!! Along with his birth certificate and army papers) ARGH!
I have been totally unable to find his birth certificate. He celebrated his birthday on 29 Jul and never waivered on his age, so my mother says. I have bought about 7 certificates 5 years either side, but nothing fits with birthdate, fathers - absolutely nothing.
I then tried to find him in WWI. Two researchers - and both men they are adamant is my grandfather is wrong. Wrong ages, wrong fathers and one died before he could have married my grandmother and the other had all his rotten teeth pulled out whereas my grandfather still had every tooth in his head when he died. *crying*
I have spent years and years hunting through anything and everything I can think of. Census, school records - you name it I've tried it. Every possible Walter STANLEY I come across I have religiously tried to track. Nothing.
I then tried to see if I could find his supposed father, Francis Stanley STANLEY. Nothing. I have two probables, but not fussed on either.
The 1st Francis was born in Machiasport, Maine, USA a mariner. He marries an Elizabeth WHITE. I have found them in census up to 1881 and nothing after with a Walter as a child.
The second (and I could almost be persuaded with this one) is born in UK, a mariner - father Aaron, also a mariner. He married a Elizabeth Ann NEWBERRY, daughter of Charles NEWBERRY, a mariner. But same thing - nothing after 1881 showing Walter with them as a child.
I've tried the length and breadth of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I've tried America and Canada.
I am totally totally stumped where to go from here. Can anyone think of anything I could have missed searching? I do apologise if I have put too much information in my first post. redf)
Thanks in advance (I hope)
Barb H from Brisbane, Australia (it's freezing here!)

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