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Bright Family


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I'm trying to untangle this. I'm not sure if I have 2 William Blythes marrying Brights or what.

In church records for Sheffield I have a William Blythe married a Joan Bright widow of Thomas Bright. I think this may be William Blythe of Norton Lees who earlier in the year lost his wife Effame.

In Norton I have a marriage record for a William Blythe who marries an Elisabeth Bright daughter of Anthony Bright of Dronfield in 1628

The trouble is I definitely have 2 William Blythes living in Norton Lees at the same time, living in same house but I am having trouble working out which is which. Does anyone know of a Bright family tree that has Blythes in it. I keep getting this Rotherham web thing and it isn't helpful.
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