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Bright ideas


After a haircut i had an idea of mixing the rinse colours together just for the hell of it. What a damn mess! :oops: It was bright red BUT where the grey was had turned orange! :eek: Looked like a damn traffic light minus the green :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Would i mix colours again? Yep probably would! It was so funny :LOL: Tho i would pick my colours a bit better next time, maybe turn it blue or something (y)
You don't see that often now. Maybe I could start the trend again with turning mine blue :eek: Im in the right age bracket so that's a start :LOL:
well due to ill health my hair is falling out at a touch .Been thinking of a wig LOL

I knew a lady who had a wig and you couldn't tell, who ever made it did a real good job and it looked just like her natural hair did. Another lady I knew just wore a bandana. Sorry to hear of your ill health Ellie.
This has all came about from a heart attack when I was 39 .Was up at the Hospital on Weds. And had a good smile with the Doctor when he said I was a Lucky Lady. last Oct I woke up and could not take a breath ,turning blue .Thank God for our Health Service