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British emigration to America, 1800s.


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Lots of Brits emigrated to America in the 1600s and early 1700s but a few million Brits emigrated to the US inbetween 1800 and 1900 alone, and many hundreds of thousands after 1900.

In the 1900 US census there were about 800'000 English born people living in America. There will be millions of Americans who descend from them, who have more recent British ancestry rather than The Mayflower or early settlers.

I think it can depend on what area of America an American of English ancestry lives of family is from can depend on how far back their British ancestors emigrated. Lots of Irish, German and Italian people also emigrated in the 1800s as well of course.

In my research many 1800s UK emigrants to America lived in the cities such as New York, Chicago and states like Utah, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan etc. Any ancestor siblings (and a direct ancestor) or cousins of direct rellies who emigrated inbetween 1849 and 1886 seemed to settle in Pennsylvania or New York State.

And many of the emigrants 1800-1900 were from the North, London or South West England. My ones were either from or living in London or Durham when they emigrated.

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