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British Iraq War medal


Loyal Member
Hi All..I have just come home from the carboot with what looks like to me to be the British 2003 operation Telic Iraq War medal !!
After a bit of googling,i can see it has the correct ribbon,,the correct box and has the number,rank,name and regiment inscribed on the rim. So,it looks genuine to me,,but i am no expert. How can i tell 100 percent if it is a genuine medal?
I am quite astonished to have got it to be honest,,,and even as a copy it is well worth the money i paid for it. I was quite sad to see it myself,,i have my grandads WW2 medals,and wouldnt dream of parting with them.
I was thinking about maybe trying to research the name,,but i have noticed that people who are selling genuine medals on e-bay of the same type are not revealing the full details etched on the medal,as they do not want people to copy them. This is another reason i thought maybe someone had copied this one?
But as i say,,everything about it looks genuine. Apparently the details on the rim should be lasered,,,would that give me a clue?,,i dont know what a lasered medal looks like.
Finally,,if it is genuine,,i would like to find out why it ended up on a carboot? was it stolen? this would again involve trying to research it...if it is genuine and the original owner could be traced,,and it had been lost or stolen,i would dearly like him to have it back.
If i cannot do this,,i find myself in a moral dilemna,,as these medals are going for over a hundred pounds.Would a regimental museum want it?
Just my luck,,the first time i buy something for a song on a carboot that is potentially worth a few quid,i find myself wanting to do something else with it,other than make some hard cash.I guess thats the family historian in me coming out

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