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Brushett (Essex, London)

North Wales
My Brushett line:

My great grand mother was Clara Frances Brushett.
Born Rochford essex, 1909.
Died Northamptonshire, 1993.
Siblings.. richard e, bertha r, robert arthur, frederick c, sydney w.. BRUSHETT

Married Albert Edward Reeve rochford essex 1931.

Daughter of

Sidney James Brushett
Born 1871 Camberwell
Died 1919 Rochford Essex
Siblings.. fred william, elizabeth clara rebecca, james john, john george, clara eliza, sarah susannah, george thomas, george richard, alice susan, william richard, ada florence mary, alice rebecca, rebecca jessie.. BRUSHETT

and Bertha Florence Crouch
Born 1875 Bermondsey
Died 1964 Southend

Son of

John William Parker Brushett
Born 26 JUN 1825 London Oxford St
Died 1886 Camberwell
Siblings.. thomas parker, rosina parker, susan eliza parker, sarah hawkins parker, james richard parker. emma parker... BRUSHETT. Not sure if their surnames are "Parker - Brushett" or if they just have their mother's maiden name as middle names

and Rebbecca Sabberton (father is Joshua Sabberton)
Born 1824 Westminster
Died 1883 Camberwell

Son of

John Brushett
Born abt 1793
Died 12 MAY 1849 Lambeth

and Mary Parker
Born ABT 1793
Died 1851 St. Marylebone

Hopefully this will help someone else or match up somewhere. Any other info would be great, especially if it means i can get further back that John Brushett 1793.

Thanks :)


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