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Bryant family


Transcribed correctly on F. & image is readable. I just can't find it on A.

Someone else may have better luck finding them.

Wanting to attach the image to a tree.

Henry John Bryant Head Married Male Carter 49 1862 Somerset Long Sutton
Mary Jane Bryant Wife Married Female - 49 1862 Somerset Long Sutton
Alice Louise Bryant Daughter Single Female Machinist 22 1889 Somerset Long Sutton
Arthur Bryant Son Single Male General Labourer 18 1893 Somerset Long Sutton
Edwin George Bryant Son Single Male General Labourer 16 1895 Somerset Long Sutton
Albert Bryant Son Single Male General Labourer 14 1897 Somerset Long Sutton
Fredrick Bryant Son Single Male School 11 1900 Somerset Long Sutton
Ida Kate Bryant Daughter - Female - 7 1904 Somerset Long Martock

Address Bower Hinton Martock
Parish Martock
County Somerset
Country England
Archive reference RG14
Registration district Yeovil
Registration district number 309
Enumeration district 3
District number -
Sub district Martock
Sub district number 3
Census reference RG14PN14395 RG78PN869 RD309 SD3 ED3 SN38
Piece number 14395
Folio -
Page -

thanks Rupert
Hi Rupert

Looks like there is an issue with the Piece and/or the ED number/s on Anc.

Have now found a copy, not from Anc.

Details sent.


EDIT: Tried many permutations as you probably have, nothing showing :(
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Thought I'd check the Summary Books, he is there..

Bryant Mr
Number of Males: 5
Number of Females: 3
Household schedule number: 38
Street address: Bower Hinton
Civil Parish: Martock
Residence Year: 1911
RD: Yeovil
RD Number: 309
Sub-RD: Martock
Sub-RD Number: 3
ED, institution, or vessel: 3
Piece: 869

Image is the correct one..

Hi Rupert and Horse,
I have hopefully(not sure) reported the deficiency in the 1911 census transcriptions to Ancestry UK but they do not make it easy.

For transcription errors you have to click on the transcription button at the bottom of the census image, this will bring up the transcription which you can then report some errors ( not all errors can be reported)

This method of reporting errors all very well if they have done the transcription but as in this case they have been missed out! Mind you its id not easy just finding the image:(

I think that Ancestry thinks it has no errors :rolleyes: other sites also make it difficult to report errors - I tried to report missing transcriptions to FreeBMD but was almost impossible and the answer I got from them was a lot of effort that you have to be very diligent if you do it their way.( Find the last image on the page that was transcribed and report the error- tedious if there are a batch missing)

I think on the whole we are lucky that most are transcribed well but the odd few make life difficult :mad:

I have had a reply from Ancestry saying that they see nothing wrong with the image or transcription.
Well I still cannot find the record on a search or the transcription when it does come up with the link I posted.
I think I will refrain from reporting errors as they just don't understand.

Had another reply from Ancestry intimating that they cannot reproduce the error and that it must be an error with my browser!
Not sure how my browser would affect a search for an individual.

Giving up on them now!