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Burial, Bowling Cem. Bradford, Yks.

Hi there,
I am trying to locate a burial/grave of:

John Hampson
Died: 11.12.1891
Aged 65
Address @ Time: 348 Bowling Old Lane, Bradford. W.Yorkshire.
Registered: 12.12.1891 By Daughter Sarah A. Hampson

Could be any Bradford/West Riding Cemetery, But Bowling Cemetery maybe a good start as most of my family burried here and the address of the above is not far from the cemetery.

Your help much appreciated.
Many Thanks in Advance.:kissu: :)
Hi Mark,

Could give Bradford Metropolitan County Council a try.

I have called them in the past, I think there are 2 guys that work in the office and one of them is really helpfull, and has helped me alot. He speaks a bit slow but such a nice and helfull guy.

The other who I have had the misfortune of answering my calls, gets all stroppy, tuts, ums and arghs.... and tells me its £30 a search.....lol:confused: :eek:

So I am not sure if Im supposed to pay or not? And with that am too scared to ring....lol
If Im supposed to pay then I can make the choice as to wether I can afford it not, but if its FREE then, as they say "Its good to talk" :2fun:

I did ask in another thread, to avoid awkward calls like above, if it was worth me investing in the NBI 2nd edition?
But thanks for the speedy reply Juliejtp;)
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