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Burial for Alice (Bull) Lyons


Active member

I have promised a lady I had been got in touch with and told her I hopefully will find her grandmother’s burial as she can’t remember where Alice buried. Alice was related to Mary Ann Stubbings which was my Dad’s great Auntie but Alice was an illegitimate child and had same mother though.

Anyway, she born in union workhouse in 1897 in Blackpool to her mum Sarah Bull born 1875. Alice married to Francis Lyons in 1921 in Derby until her death in 1975 in Derby.

I have recent located her husband’s grave and her parents and nephew but sad to find that There was 2 small block graves with basic names on it as Frank Lyons and Llewelyn. I have made an equiry at Nottingham Road Derby that was where Sarah, her husband and her son buried in one grave is what I was told when Llewelyn Sarah’s son died in war only 21 years old. So no Alice Lyons was listed there and I spoken to the lady and she said Alice was possibly buried somewhere else!

Anyone could locate Alice to where about her burial is. I can travel to derby no problem but to locate her! :-(

Many thanks for your time.

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