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Burma- birth/death Gibb- help/advice reqired

Fort William
My grandfather, James Rosenfeld Gibb was born in Burma in 1901. His father was James, an engineer, and mother was Jane Carter Gibb (nee Younger).I am not sure when James snr and Jane originally left for Burma but they returned to UK, with James jnr, on the Prinzess Alice arriving in Southampton on 25th April 1911 and believed to go back to Linlithgow area where they had previously lived. Family story is James snr then returned and died a couple of years later, leaving debts behind in the UK and his estate being sequistrated. I have proof of their ship journey in 1911 and proof of all the sequistration legal matters between 1913 and 15. I can not find any details of James jnr's birth, or of James snrs death. I also cant find any details of their original trip to Burma or indeed James and Janes marraige details.

James jnr went on to marry in 1931 and passed away in Glasgow 1984 and Jane died in Glasgow 1945.

This is a real family mystery and would be so happy if someone can point me in the right directions, or be honest with me and let me know if finding any more info than I have is a lost cause. Best wishes to you all, Andy
That is part of the problem...I do not know.

I am truely fasinated by this tale, because up to now I was under the impression that my great grandad went to Burma with his wife ( we thought Jane Younger) and had my grandad. The story was my great grandad died in Burma and that my great gran came back with my grandad as a baby. This is not true and infact my great grandad, great gran, and grandad came back to the UK in 1911 when my grandad was 10.!!!...

Here is where this link all started for me, when I was trying to find out about my great grandad, and grandads Burma story. This is from the Edinburgh Gazette January the 2nd 1914:

A PETITION having been presented to the Lord
Ordinary officiating on the Bills at the instance

of William Williamson, senior, Yarn Merchant, Kirkcaldy,

and others, Trustees acting under a Contract of

Marriage between William Sibbald Johnston, sometime

Commission Merchant in Belfast, now Bleacher, Kiltouga

Bleachfield, Newtonards, on the one part, and Miss

Mary Jamieson, sometime residing in Kirkcaldy, daughter

of the late James Jamieson, Merchant in Kirkcaldy,

now wife of the said William Sibbald Johnston, on

the other part, dated third March, and registered in the

Books of Council and Session twelfth April, both in the

year eighteen hundred and sixty-six, for Sequestration of

the Estates of the Deceased JAMES GIBB, Engineer,

sometime Linlithgow Bridge, thereafter Linlithgow, afterwards

residing at Rangoon, Burma, his Lordship of this

date granted Warrant to cite James Gibb, junior, Strawberry

Bank, Linlithgow, son of the said deceased James

Gibb, and Jane Younger, Strawberry Bank aforesaid, sole

Executrix of the said deceased James Gibb. and Mrs. Jane

Arrol or Gibb, residing at Hawthorn Cottage, Christchurch,

Hants, widow of the said deceased James Gibb,

and Mary Gibb, residing at Hawthorn Cottage aforesaid,

Mrs. Helen W. Gibb or Neilson, Hawthorn Cottage

aforesaid, wife of James Neilson, presently in India

or elsewhere abroad, Mrs. Isabel M. Gibb or Barr,

widow, presently residing at Hawthorn Cottage aforesaid,

and Mrs. Margaret Gibb or Loudon, Hawthorn

Cottagen aforesaid, wife of George Loudon, San Paulo,

Brazil, daughters of the said deceased James Gibb, and

his whole successors, and the said James Neilson and

George Loudon as Curators and Administrators-in-Law

for their said wives and for any interest t-hey may have,

in terms of the Bankruptcy (Scotlaud) Act, 1856, to

appear in Court on the seventh day next after citation if

within Scotland, and on the twenty-first day next after

citation if furth of Scotland, to show cause why Sequestration

of the Estates of the said deceased James Gibb

should not be awarded ; of all which Intimation is hereby

given. •



64 Frederick Street, Edinburgh,

31st December 1913.

As I said in my earlier message, the deceased James Gibb was my great grandfather, with "his son" James Gibb my grandfather. Jane Younger was my great gran. Now from her death certificate and from a passanger list from Burma in 1911 she was known as Jane Gibb. It is looking that either she never was "Gibb" or that he married her in Burma....investigations are on going.

The link to this information above is that, James widow is named as Jane Arrol (Gibb)- who it looks like he was still married to at the time of his death, or infact divorced shortly before to mary Jane Younger (although I'm begining to doubt the second suggestion) As you will see Helen, Isabel and Margaret are listed as his daughters, with Margaret being married to George Loudon and in Brazil. Of course at that time the men of the family were all responsible for the debts of their wives, hense why he is named in this sequistration.

I am trying to source my great grandfathers will, as I am assuming all these people listed above were named in his will and that is why the the Yarn merchant was suing them all for his debt!!!

I have since investigated Margaret and George and found many journeys they took on ships from Brazil/Argentina to the UK.

George travelled on his own three times arriving in the UK 26/7/1920 2/6/1925 and 8/8/1928. In 1932 and 1933 he travelled with Margaret and their daughter Josephine (arriving in UK on 21/7/1932 and 20/7/1933.

On each occassion their UK address was listed as C/O Sao Paulo Railyway Co. 111 Gresham House, Old Broad St, London. However on Georges trip in June 1925 his onward address was listed as 2 Rosemore Mansion, Paragon Road, Weston- Super- Mare. The interesting thing about this trip was that on 25th November that year James Neilson, Helen Neilson and son Ian Neilson also travelled to this address from India. Helen is Georges wifes sister. I am assuming that for some reason there was a family gathering in Weston- Super- Mare in 1925...this is yet to be investigated but it could be the death of the girls mother ( my great grandad's wife) or perhaps the final settling of will/sequistration etc of my great grandad.

As I also now know Isabel (the oldest of the three girls ) was born in Burma in 1882 to my great grandfather and Jane Arrol(Gibb)

I can not yet find death records of my great grandad, so perhaps he went back and DID die there between 1911 and 1913 ( between his ship record and the sequistration above). so I will keep looking.

Bit of a cul de sac at the moment!!

I have today discovered my James Gibb married Jane Waddell in Rangoon Burma on 11th October 1880....anyone able to tell be how I can get a copy of this record?