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Burma star veteran

nr Leeds
Im trying to find any info on my wifes grandfather, all we know is he was a burma star veteran by the name of william (bill) bainbridge, we dont know what unit or for how long all we know is he was born jan ? 1913 he lived in Huddersfield most of his life.
Is there any groups, organisations that could possibly lead us to any info on him ?? many thanks

The only Bainbridge born in Huddersfield 1913 +/- 2

Name: William Baimbridge
Mother's Maiden Name: Cromie
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1913
Registration district: Huddersfield
Inferred County: Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire
Volume: 9a
Page: 527

Children to Baimbridge/Cromie

Walter A/J 1911 Huddersfield
William 1913 huddersfield
Benjamin O/D 1915 Huddersfield
Josephine Baimbridge Jul-Aug-Sep 1921 Huddersfield Yorkshire
Nellie Baimbridge Oct-Nov-Dec 1923 Huddersfield Yorkshire West Riding
Thomas Baimbridge Apr-May-Jun 1927 Huddersfield Yorkshire
Betty Baimbridge Oct-Nov-Dec 1929 Huddersfield

Thanks for the link Oznannie.
I'm paying a visit to the Huddersfield Libary on Monday to see if there's anything in the papers from the time of births and also see if there's any mention prior to that of the wedding.

This is my toughest one yet to crack!! :'(

Welcome,as you are probably aware that Andy posted his messege a few months back.....so even though he may take a while to see it lets hope that its not to long before he sees your reply.

All the best.
Hi, Ive just seen your post and any help would be greatly appreciated, who is your grandma ? I noticed that your in Huddersfield, Is/was your grandma still in huddersfield or had she moved away ? my wife has so many questions as she really only knew about Tommy.
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I got carried away in the excitement of seeing my family name. My Grandma was Nellie. If your wife's family was Baimbridge then we are on track but, if it was Bainbridge we are not from the same line.
Tommy did not live in Huddersfield as an adult. Is your wife Bill's grandaughter? I don't live in Huddersfield at the moment but will share what I know and tell you of family members in Huddersfield who might help you. I have traced the family to Derbyshire. Although we are of Irish decent. Also there are some half siblings to the children you have already mentioned. One was the caretaker at my school. He is still on the electoral roll. Have you done a 192.com people search for people named Baimbridge in Huddersfield? He is on there and so is his brother.
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Thanks for your reply, if you make one more post and I can email you a PM :). We thought it might be Nellie. Yes we are of the Baimbridge line. Yes she is Bills grandaughter from one of his daughters, The way the name gets mixed up is really difficult when trying to do this sort of thing! Tommy lived in portsmouth and my wife visit with her grandparents she knew there were others but who and were she never knew.
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I am happy we are all of the Baimbridge line. I used to visit Ethel in Portsmouth.
My gran used to spend weeks and weeks there. I met Walter, Betty and Josie and Kevin (half sibling). I kind of recall meeting Benny but, not Bill.
There was also a stillbirth of a girl called Olive born before Walter.