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Caithness, Scotland..Sutherlands??

Hi back again.... Had a trip last year (2008) & spent some time in Scotland
but don't appear to be much further ahead with my Christina Sutherland born 1838 Dunbeath. Still believe it was her in 1861 census with the Bain family.
One thing I did find out was her mother's name was Christian Sutherland not Christina, but I guess it so close it won't make much difference. Was told at Dunbeath Heritage that there were a William & Christian Sutherland living in a croft at Red Rock Dunbeath. The family of a William Sutherland who married Janet Sinclair I am certain are connected around late 1700's - 1850's...only question is who to...... William S (mine) or Christian S. (parents of Christina 1838.

Still hope to make a breakthru. and wish to thank you juliejtp for all your time and patience with lookups and tremendous help in earlier posts. It made such a difference to exchange our thoughts & your input with one another -thank you so much.
hope all is
well with you & yours.
ps: What a magnificent country Scotland is and it's people equally splendid.

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