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Calling Duckweed.


swindon wilts
Just wondering about Swarcliffe Road in Sheffield in the forties....Ernest Halke lived in Pitt Street as a boy....he died while living at Swarcliffe Road....was/is this a working class area?....or in your view a step up from the Steel/cutlery area he was brought up in.
No real reason why i need to know just curiosty on my part really.
Don't think there is much in it. Pitt Street was full of little mester shops, probably not all that healthy but better than Pond district or Crofts. Swarcliffe is Attercliffe, was full of the big steel works. Not so many now but still one or two.
Its very near the Don Valley Stadium which in turn was built on old steel works. There is one that was probably there then and is still there.
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No I don't know this man though I do remember seeing a political cartoon that may have had him in. I was also looking at Attercliffe map and saw Sugar House the other day. May do some digging as am working with history group that is involved in Attercliffe history at present.

Regards sugar refinery there used to be tons of sugar come in almost every day at Victoria quays to be redistributed to refinerys and sweet manufacturers. The Biggest manufacturers being Bassets, Trebor and later Thorntons. We still have a sweet factory down the road (literally) and on certain days you can smell the mint when they are making rock and humbugs.
Nice one Duckweed,interesting that he was a Londoner and moved to Hull to make his fortune.

Hull would have been one of the biggest Ports in Europe then i reckon.