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Can an expert help me uncover this mystery?

Hello first of all i've made a few threads here regarding a few things, i apologize if i'm spamming the forums. I've literally been spending weeks trying to uncover this mystery but i'm unable to link it in anyway!

William Henry Jefferies is my great granddad and i'm looking for his parents!
His birth certificate states that his father is called "William Henry Jefferies" and his mother was called "Louisa Jefferies, nee Manley" - Of course i was excited as i had something to work from however i cannot find Louisa Manley and William Henry Jefferies (SENIOR) together.

I was in contact with a fair amount of people and one came back and told me what she though might of happened, even though it seems plausible i CANNOT get it to link together and i don't want to continue incase it's not the right person. To make things clear I'm focusing this mainly on "Louisa Manley".

This women who replied to me with information believes that Louisa Manley is a fake and the actual mother is called Emily Eveline.

This is a baptism for William Henry Jefferies (JUNIOR)

It states that Emily Eveline Jeffereies is the baptized mother however on the birth certificate it's Louisa Manley, this is the 1st thing to believing Emily Eveline is the mother.

Emily was Born in Fulham as a Manley and met someone named William Douglas, she married him:

I have them living together in 1891 HOWEVER in 1911 i have an Emily Eveline living with a William Heny Jefferies(SENIOR)

In 1911, William Henry Jefferies (JUNIOR) (My great grandad) was born to as i've stated William Henry Jefferies Senior and a LOUISA Manley, I havn't mentioned it but William Henry JEfferies(SENIOR) was living with another women aswell until he also cheated.. I honestly believe Emily Eveline and William(SENIOR) used Louisa Manley as some sort of disguise. I'm not sure why but i cannot find a link.

Emily Eveline continues to live with William senior and junior up until (SENORS) death in 1927 where he died at his home. Emily continued living here until 1939 where William JUNIOR met a girl and she also moved in. Emily Eveline moved out in 1939




I can send you the family tree on ancestry if it helps, i have all records on each individual on there.

Thanks, hope we can figure this mystery out!

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