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Can anyone find Violet?

Hi. Is anyone able to find Violet Power? She was baptised in March 1911 while her family were living in Sultan street Camberwell. She is not on the census with her family and neither is her sister Nellie and half sister ( my grandmother) Edith Ada Bolt.
I cannot find birth record for Violet, or anything really. Seems she vanished.
Her parents were George William Power and Edith Martha (Southgate).
Her mother died in 1914 and my grandmother came to Australia to be with her elder sister. Nellie came later. No sign of Violet.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you?
The baptism was found by a relative on ancestry. It would have been in Camberwell Surrey. The family lived in Sultan street Camberwell at the time of baptism. They were there in 1911 census, but no Violet. I couldn't find a death.
This is strange, are all the children in the census from a previous marriage or his present marriage? I am a bit confused with him saying he has been married 11 years and has 4 children and no children who have died and 4 are listed. Does this tie up with your findings?
Yes. Edith was a widow when she married George. The children from her first marriage should have the name Bolt but are listed as Power. It say 4 children to George Power but there should be six. Mary, Annie, Nellie and Violet are the girls plus 2 boys.
I have a photo of Mary,Annie and Nellie together but no Violet. My grandmother was especially close to Nellie which is why she came out to Australia to be with my grandmother and her older sister Louise.
Louise Edith and Louise,plus a brother Walter, were in and out of the workhouse on and off and I know Edith and Nellie were there in 1912. Their mother was sick and died in 1914
The children to Edith's first marriage to Elisha Miller Bolt were>
William Bolt (killed in France)
Edward Miller Bolt
Edith Ada.

Power children were>
George William
Children to first marriage were William Bolt, Edward Miller Bolt, Louise Bolt, Walter Henry Thomas Bolt and Edith Ada Bolt.

Power children were Richard,George, Mary, Annie, Nellie and Violet
Baps 1mar. 1911


Violet Power--Record Type: Baptism---Baptism Date: 1 Mar 1911--Baptism Place: St Michael and All Angels, Camberwell, Southwark, England--Father: George William Power--Mother: Edith Power

So no middle name
FMP is coming up with nothing,there is no travel coming up
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1911 Census For England & Wales
19 Sultan Street Camberwell S E, Camberwell, London & Surrey, England
George William Power Relationship Head Marital status Married *** MaleAge 43 Birth year 1868 Birth place London Camberwell Marriage year 1900Years married 11Occupation Carman

Edith Martha Power Wife Married Female43 1868-London Walworth
George WilliamPower Son-Male91902-London Camberwell
Richard PowerSon-Male81903-London Camberwell
MaryPowerDaughter-Female71904-London Camberwell
AnniePowerDaughter-Female51906-London Camberwell

Name: Violet Power Record Type: Baptism Baptism Date: 1 Mar 1911 Baptism Place: St Michael and All Angels, Camberwell, Southwark, England Father: George William Power Mother: Edith Power

Edith Martha

England & Wales Marriages 1837-2005

St. Saviour Southwark, London, England

George William Power
District St. Saviour Southwark


Edith M
England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
Camberwell, London, England

First Marr
EDITH MARTHA SOUTHGATE married one of these people
John Miles, Elisha Miller Bolt
District St. Saviour Southwark

Have you got the marr certs
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Hi Ellie. thank you. Yes, Edith's first marriage was to Elisha Miller Bolt. I don't have the marriage cert for her marriage to George Power.
I will go for the birth certificate of Violet Marjorie and see if that is her.
I can only think that she was in the workhouse. My grandmother Edith Ada Bolt is not on the census either.
I wonder why George said he only had 4 children When there were 6.
Can you tell me where I can find workhouse records?
You can add a name that it must have on the Request for a certificate or you can phone and speak to someone. Dont do it through Ancestry far to dear see GOV UK