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Can anyone help me unravel this please?

Could anyone help me unravel a part of my tree I am stuck on. Maybe people with more experience can point me in the the right direction to make sense of this.

I have an ancestor in my family tree named Jo Mawson born in 1690 in Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire He was married before 1715 to an "Elizabeth nk" and a child named Edith Mawson who was born around 1715 in Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire and died around 1783 in Unknown. I do not have any documentation to prove this (It came from someone elses tree).

I can't find birth or marriage records for any of them. The Jo could be Joseph (most likely) or John. Elizabeth's surname is only a fragment.

There is a record of Baptism for Ede Mawson on 22nd June 1715 in Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire. The father is listed as Jos Mawson

(Could this be the Jo Mawson and Edith Mawson in my family tree?)

There is a record of Joseph Mawson marrying Grace Forrest on the 10th Feburary 1718 in Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire.

(Could the elusive Elizabeth have died and as a widower with a child he would probably want to remarry pretty quickly?)

There is a record of a Grace Forrest marrying a William Forrest on the 27th March 1721 in Kirkby Overblow Yorkshire.

(Now could Joesph have died and now Grace is remarrying. If so, why would her surname be Forrest again and I'm also puzzled by the spouses surname)

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