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Can you name this shield?


Hello all, please excuse the new girl here who doesn't know the correct terms for anything! redf)

I have in my possession a little wooden box with a shield / crest on the top and I'm wondering if there is any way of finding out the family name that it is associated with. I've tried a few web searches but I don't know what to search for so I haven't been very successful. Can anyone help?

This is it...
This may, or not as the case may be, of some help to you. A shield argent with three eagles wings displayed belongs to: Robert De Eglesfield, Founder of Queen's College, Oxford, and borne by the college.:)
Oh, Thank you so, so much - that is amazing. An answer so quickly! How did you know that?

Not sure if I'm allowed to send one of these :kissu: to a complete stranger but I will anyway. Many thanks.:)
Thanks, I've always had a little more than a passing interest in heraldry, however, yours wasn't that difficult once you realise what was actually featured on the shield. It was just like putting two and two together, but with me it usually comes up five.:2fun: Glad to be of help, oh, and by the way, I'm slow when compared to most of the researchers on this forum.:)
Well thank you once again. Maybe I'll have a look round the rest of the site when I have time.

best wishes