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Canadian/UK Hello

Hi everyone!

This seems like such a great site with a lot of lovely, helpful people. I find family histories extremely interesting and not just my own.

I was born and raised in Canada but all of my roots are in the UK. The biggest mystery in my family's past lies with my maternal grandmother. She seems to be quite the enigma. We believe she might have fled to Scotland during the first world war where she supposedly married my grandfather. But alas there's no marriage record of them in either Scotland or England.

Since both of them died when my mother and aunties were quite young they are none the wiser about who she was so the mystery continues....

Hopefully there's someone out there that can fill in the very big missing link in our family tree.

Thanks for having me here! :kissu:


Loyal Member
Hello, and a very warm welcome to the F.H.U.K forums.
We at the F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest
To find your ancestoral past.
Should you require help in your research, please do not hesitate to ask via our forums .
All you need to do is post your questions on the appropriate forums, along with any relevant information
That you do have in your possession, and our friendly
And helpful members will try their utmost to help you find the answers you are searching for.
Again welcome, and enjoy your time on our forums .
Best regards Sterico

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