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Cannot Find Birth for Brown-Bo(u)lton


Active member
Hello Everyone

We can find death for Eden Hannah (married? surname, family rumours of name being changed via deedpoll), which gives year of birth as 1918 which ties in to family advice that Hannah was 8 years older than her brother born in 1926.

Full name Hannah Mary Brown-Bo(u)lton - we know the day\month is 2nd May for certain. Hannah had an illegitimate sister (Drury) born in Guisborough in 1907, her brother was born in 1926 at Dunscroft Hatfield.

We have tried under the Drury surname as well as Bo(u)lton, as we think the Brown in the surname evolved from a maiden name of either a mother or grandmother somewhere down the line. Also family members seem very keen on just using Bo(u)lton rather than Brown-Bo(u)lton!

Suggestions please.

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