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Cannot Find Birth for Brown-Bo(u)lton

Hello Everyone

We can find death for Eden Hannah (married? surname, family rumours of name being changed via deedpoll), which gives year of birth as 1918 which ties in to family advice that Hannah was 8 years older than her brother born in 1926.

Full name Hannah Mary Brown-Bo(u)lton - we know the day\month is 2nd May for certain. Hannah had an illegitimate sister (Drury) born in Guisborough in 1907, her brother was born in 1926 at Dunscroft Hatfield.

We have tried under the Drury surname as well as Bo(u)lton, as we think the Brown in the surname evolved from a maiden name of either a mother or grandmother somewhere down the line. Also family members seem very keen on just using Bo(u)lton rather than Brown-Bo(u)lton!

Suggestions please.
Hi there,
can you give a bit more explanation as I'm not sure exactly what you want help with?
Is this correct? The lady's birth name was Hannah Mary Brown-Bolton? and her married name was Hannah Eden?
She was born in 1918, that I understand.
Her illegitimate sister - was her surname Drury?
Have you seen the Marriage certificate of Hannah?
Whereabouts in the country was she born?
Sorry for all the questions, but they will help us to help you.
Bye for now,

We are trying to obtain details to enable us to order birth and if there is one a marriage certificate.

My husbands surname on birth cert is Brown-Bolton as is his dads before him.
His Grandad’s birth cert is Boulton with Arthur Brown as Christian names .
His Great Grandad is Boulton with Bentham Brown as Christian names.
So it would appear our surname should be Boulton not Brown-Bolton!
My husbands Grandad married a Mary Jane Drury in 1916 in Skelton-in-Cleveland.
Mary Jane already had a child, Louisa Kime Christian names Drury surname born in Skelton Guisborough.
My husband’s dad was born in 1926 in Hatfield Thorne, we were told Aunt Hannah was 8 years older than Dad so that would make year of birth 1918. We can find death entry for 1994 under Hannah Mary Eden and this also states 1918 as year of birth.
We don’t know if Aunt Hannah was married, family rumours that she had her named changed by deed poll! But anyway she was with Uncle Ron for several years living in Aldershot Hants. We have looked under Drury, Bo(u)lton, Brown-Bolton for Aunt Hannah dob and we are not sure where she was born Skelton, Hatfield or maybe even somewhere else! We have also been unable to find evidence yet of a marriage – so if anyone out there has any suggestions or even may have these details please let us know.

Many thanks for your interest.