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cannot find births can anyone help ?


Well-known member
good morning all hope everyone is well :)

i was hoping that someone would be able to help me find the following births have i have tried a numerous amount of times and came out with nothing

kenneth francis graham born around 1924-1925, he did in 1962 in bilston wolverhampton havbe managed to find his death but have no idea as to were he was born

clive graham, think he was born around 1926 and died around 2008 but cannot find either of these again unsure of place of birth

iona margaret graham around 1929, have been told she was born in county tyrone ireland but came up with nothing

joan elizabeth graham 1930, again got told she was born in ireland but as yet found nothing

all of the above belonged to william john graham amd aletta gertrude graham nee holtzhouzen ( but there are a numerous amounts of ways the surname holtzhouzen can be spelt)

thank you all for your time and hope you all have a good day

kind regards

libby x

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