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Cannot find Fathers!


dovercourt but born Enfield
I have 2 instances where the father cannot be found from the name given on marriage certificates.
I am coming to the conclusion that a lot of people in the 1800- 1900 were just not literate enough to know all there family details or they were hiding them for some reason!

I have found that too Peter, think they just sometimes made up a father rather than leave it blank. One of mine said her father was George Haley. Her stepfather was George Clegg and her mother was Sarah Haley but she was always Haley and born before marriage so no idea who her father was really.

But spent hours looking for George Haley before I discovered that.

If the child was illegitimate often they made up a fathers name. Or many people could not remember who their father's exact first name was if they died or left when they were young.