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Cannot find my Grandfather after 1901.

I have come up against a brick wall with all efforts so far to find what happened to my Grandfather Garnet Neale Allen. With such an unusual name I would have thought it might have been easy.
He was born in Cranham Gloucestershire in 1881, Married Maude Hoare in 1899and lived in Newport Monmouthshire in 1901.There was a daughter Ethel born in 1900, and my Father Thomas Garnet in 1905. If there is anyone who can shed any light on events after 1901 please contact.
Hi there,

It's far easier to go back than to come forward I'm afraid. Unfortunately not every name for every year of birth, marriages and death has been transcribed as yet. This means either trawling through the scanned images of every quarter of every year from 1901, or trying to find other clues.

I have managed to find quite a bit of information from newspapers local to the area of my ancestors. I am quite lucky in that i am local to the areas my family came from, and that I have 2 archive centres quite close by to me. The amount of information I have gleaned from birth and marriage announcements, and from obituaries has been quite staggering.

If you don't live within close proximity to the area, it is always worth emailing the local archive centre, family history group or library, to find out if they can help at all. I have found most people local to an area are only too willing to help in any way they can.

Sorry I could not be of more help. Happy hunting.