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Cannot find my own birth!!


New member
I have just got into genealogy, however I am stuck at the first hurdle. I cannot find a record of my own birth. Can any tell me why? Both parents have passed and I am not in contact with any other family who may be able to help. The strange thing is looking at my birth certificate the registration date is 7 months after my birth, and the office was Somerset house not Hereford where I grew up. Can anyone explain this?
Is your birthday and the actual date of birth on the certificate the same?

Have you tried this site. Depending on what year you were born some records are not available on line yet.

There could be several reasons such as a late registration which sometimes happened. There are heaps of things to look into to see if you can work it out. Do you have any information on your siblings births? Does your certificate state place of birth such a hospital name or a street address if it was a home birth.
Is there any chance you may have been adopted?
If you can not find a record of your birth can i please ask how you got your birth certificate?
There are probably a dozen reasons why a birth reg can't be found but without more details it's not possible to narrow those reasons down.

Somerset House was the GRO of the day, which is now a Museum.

Not knowing what year you were born, and the certificate you have, is it a full original certificate and not a replacement. Are all the details correct to best of your knowledge.?
Have you got your parents marriage cert yet.?