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cannot find place in 1861 census


dovercourt but born Enfield
Hi All
Just at the point of pulling my little remaining hair out!!!
I am trying to find in the 1861 census a place called Ruffords buildings in the 1851 census.
I finally found it in the 1871 census as Rufford's Building's( note apostrophes)
but I cannot think of any variation that will show it in the 1861 census.
I am ultimately looking for a John Sewell who was at no 4 Ruffords buildings in the 1851 census but has subsequently vanished as my relation, his daughetr amrtha was alive when she married in 1864(have cert) and he is not listed as dead I assume he was alive and well in 1861!

Any ideas, street lists for census are few and far between.

Thanks Leefer for that At least it shows he was still living at no4 Ruffords Buildings in 1861!
Julietp I have looked through 1861 registration districts and cannot get to Rufford Buildings, I did find another site on the web British History on Line, which stated "While the larger houses lost their wealthy residents, the steady growth in middle-class houses began. Building was usually in short rows, often named after the builder or financer. A large old house in Upper Street on the southern corner of Cross Street was replaced by Rufford's Buildings in 1688, built by Nicholas Rufford who had already built another set of Rufford's Buildings in 1685 on the eastern side of High Street next to an inn later called the Blue Coat Boy."
Still cannot see how to find in the 1861 census.
Ruffords Bldgs is there somewhere, but not having a page number its a matter of trawling through the folio numbers. Are the Sewells at Islington High Street any of yours, Stephen Sewell (occ cook) and family.
After trawling through my old S&N census disks, thats the one Julie.
In the index for the CD's it lists the Ruffords Building but on the sheet its shown as Islington High Street.
I then searched on FMP and couldnt find it even the address search wouldnt go low enough for the address, so I did a direct sheet lookup and they had it transcribed as Stephen Levell, no wonder I couldnt find it.
I wonder why he changed from John to Stephen perhaps because of the bankruptcy!