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Can't find birth place in Scotland or fathers real name

Some of you have been incredibly helpful in finding information about my ancestors that I couldn't and I need you again.
I was looking for my great-grandmother (Ann MacPherson born circa 1838/39/40 in Scotland) and found her, but could not find her further back than 1865 when she married Charles Jones and they had 4 children in Birmingham.
Then some of you found her as Ann Mason, so it turned out that she was actually married before to an Alfred Mason in 1860 in Birmingham and they apparently got a daughter in 1861 and Alfred dies soon after. But I can't find her between 1861 and 1865?
I have both marriage certificates, but my big problem is that her father is mentioned as John MacPherson on the marriage certificate between Ann and Alfred and on the certificate between Charles and Ann his name is James MacPherson. On both marriage certificates he is a tailor so it must be the same person/father. Now I've been looking for a James and John and used keywords: tailor, but no luck.
Ann is only mentioned as born in Scotland, no town mentioned, unfortunately.
Ann is married both times in Birmingham and is also buried there, so I have also been looking for her as born in Birmingham but without luck.
Maybe someone can help me or give me advice on how to search for her father to find the city in Scotland and to find more ancestors, when I unfortunately have two different first names on Ann's father?

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