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Can't find birth place or informations


I got help in here a few months ago that gave me a lot to work with, but unfortunately I am in a blind alley again.
I'm investigating marriage and birth of my great grand parents. Maybe I'm lucky that someone in here can give me a new push in the right direction. I have found that my great-grandfather was born in Staffordshire around 1844, he was a butcher and named Charles Jones, ( looking for his parents too, but no luck ) he died early, probably before 1900. But he married the 3-year-old Ann MacPherson from Scotland, born in 1841. They lived in Worcestershire, Bromsgrove street, Birmingham. And there I stopped, because I can't find her in Scotland or in Birmingham, where I know they had 4 children and lived until they both died. I can find at little about her and some places she have lived with Charles and the children. But I wonder, because I can't find an Ann MacPherson, not her birth certificate or marriage certificate, it's like she doesn't exist and never married Charles. However, some of you have been helpful, finding her in Birmingham (Ann Jones). In my family, the rumor says she was born at Edinburgh Castle because one of her parents was working there. In April 2020 I will travel to Scotland and later to Birmingham, hoping that I will find something about her and Charles and other relatives. I start to think she might have a first name that she didn't used or that she had a middlename that she didn't use...hmmm...They got Edward Jones in 1867, then Clara Ann Jones in 1871 or maybe 1869, Walter Jones ind 1873 so maybe they got married in 1864-65, a few years before Edward's birth and they got their last child in 1878 and when she (Augusta Jones) was 22 in 1901 she and Ann lived alone so Charles was dead. I've received birth certificate at Augusta Jones ( she married Samuel Richard Sheppard ) to see if anything useful was on it, but it only confirms what I already know that Ann MacPherson is the mother. But the possibility that she may have been born in Birmingham I cannot rule out even though I have found out that she came from Scotland but could it be because her father was Scottish so she is registered as a Scotsman? Can anyone help me?
And can it be possible that the search records in Scotland are different and more difficult to use?
Have access to different search pages, paid and free sites, but I do not get the result I want.
And sorry my English, it's a little rusty.

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