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Can't see for looking.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Earlier today I was doing a bit of research(what else), I heard the dogs barking outside so I went to see who or what they were barking at. Turned out to be the Postman.
Anyway, I came back in to carry on where I had left off, and my eyes were still adjusting themselves from the sunshine outside.
I put on my reading glasses and looked at the computer screen only to find it was totally out of focus. So I started messing with the screen settings to try and rectify the problem.
After fiddling about for half an hour I could not improve it. By this time a little bit of pc rage set in.
Went and made a cuppa, came back totally in control once again. Noticed that the computer screen was perfect.
Great, I thought. Sat down to continue working, put on my glasses and the screen went blurry again. AAAGGHHH.
Then it dawned on me as I slurped a big mouthfull of calming tea. Only one lense of my glasses steamed up from the tea.

And yes, one of the lenses had dropped out when I took them off to see what the dogs were up to.
What an idiot.redf) redf)

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