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Captain William Scott, Leith


I've been researching my husband's side of the family for some year, but can't seem to get far with this ancestor - probably because of the name! He was born in Glasgow around 1817 and moved to the Edinburgh area where he married Mary Amelia Lawrence in 1840. They lived in Leith and had three children, one of whom was my husband's g-g-grandmother. That's about all I know, except Captain Scott is shown on the Census in 1901 as staying at a boarding house in Barry, S Wales, some 5 miles from his daughter's home. Where and when he died, I don't know or what happened to his other children(Mary Scott and another William Scott). Have tried Scotland's People but no real success and if anyone has any info or can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Captain Scott was also a Trinity House Pilot. Thanks again.
Dear Smeni
I have read your thread and obviously I cannot help you as you have already used Scotlandspeople which I belong to also.
You could try through the Trinity House records to see if they have any records on your relative. The records used to be in the Guildhall Library if my memory serves me well. They may have been moved. You could try Google first and see what comes up. I have also had a Trinity Pilot.
Dear Smeni
I have just Googled Trinity House Pilots and they are still available at the Guildhall Library in the City of London.
Give them a try with all your information and I hope that you will have some success
Thanks for that, I did look, but it seems you have to go there in person to research records, or have an agent do it for you! Will carry on looking. (Unless there is anyone out there who can help!) Also, I'm not sure if Leith pilots are registered there as opposed to Edinburgh?
Thank you for that info. As he was in his 80s by then, I would have thought he would have been retired - more likely nearby family was his reason for being in Barry. Interesting write up in Wikipedia.