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Carscadden Leeds

I can't find any Carscadden family after 1861 except a few deaths , one is definitely an adult and was in his 40s when he died in 1885 so how come I can't find any of the family in 1871 anywhere. There are some Wakefield Carscaddens but no Leeds one. There were 7 Children surviving at least as far as I can tell. No sign of emigration. Tried various spelling, tried searching without any surname but nothing remotely like them turns up. I'm looking for William Richard Carscadden born Coleraine Ireland 1824, wife Mary born Torksey Lincolnshire 1824, children Henry F born 1854 Leeds, John Bullivant born 1855 Leeds, Mary E born 1857 Leeds, Charles R born 1860, William Richard born 1845 Leeds died 1885 Leeds. Anyone find them anywhere in any country I'd be greatful. The father was a Linen merchant.
Hi duckweed, I too have looked and can't seem to find anything at all on any family members.It is like they all disappeared off the face of the earth! :eek: - or upped sticks and moved to another country I can understand maybe one census they could be missed off for whatever reason but 4 !:(
I've looked through the Yorkshire BMD and found a William Carsceaden married an Elisabeth Spink in 1859 but they are not there later. Also in 1901 there is a widowed Louise Carscadden but no record of her before then. Some search engines don't recognise any Carscaddens at all as if there were none in the whole of England which I know is not so. I know there are a lot of Carscaddens in Canada but as far as I can find out they came from Ireland much earlier.