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CARTER family


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This is a bit curious unless it is a 2nd marriage for John (middle name Adams).

groom's name: John Carter
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name: Sophia Hortender Pratt
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date: 20 Jul 1835
marriage place: Saint Dunstan,Stepney,London,England

Children said to include:

Godfrey Downes b. abt 1830
John Alexander b. abt 1833

name: Godfrey Downes Carter
gender: Male
baptism/christening date: 04 Jul 1832
baptism/christening place: Kennington, Surrey, England
birth date:
father's name: John Carter
father's birthplace:
father's age:
mother's name: Selina Carter

groom's name: John Adams Carter
groom's birth date: 1808
groom's birthplace:
groom's age: 21
bride's name: Selina Grace Clark
bride's birth date: 1808
bride's birthplace:
bride's age: 21
marriage date: 19 Sep 1829
marriage place: Saint Mark Kennington, Surry, England

I'd like a look up for the family in 1841 and 1851 please.


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