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Cats and Dogs.


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What a day,a trek across the M4 to Vauxhall in London...crimson and purple sunrise above the Wiltshire Downs as i left the county..then past the aeroplane taxi rank that is Heathrow...and on into the abys of London Town...got there about 8.30 am and London was in full swing...a hive of continuous movement...like ants building nests people goin in all directions...the smell of coffee...tooting of cheesed off drivers horns.
On arrival the portly(fat) security guard on the site i was delivering at looked like Uncle Festa from the Adams family..ya early he grunted at me...i tried to be spritely..no probs feller,fancy a coffee i say,with that his face screwed up like he was sucking lemons.nah dont drink that muck,so as i popped across the road to the coffee shop his voice boomed....ILE AVA HOT CHOCOLATE MATE...AND MAKE IT A LARGE ONE...anyway after nearly choking on me ringed donut at the price of sed drinks i got back to unloading,Festa looked suitably pleased with his quart of seething choc mass...is it me or is everything large these days.........ime continually peeing,could be me age creeping up though..anyway after dropping the doors off,not literally..i head out of Town past the embankment..another newbie on the wall badges was noted..Greaves the artist,never heard of him but i hear he didnt like to DRAW attention to himself..down the A3 over The Hogs Back near Guildford...a strong long steep hill that is notorius for catching lorries out that are overloaded...then down to Portsmouth ware i picked up paint..ironically the lad loading me was called MATT....and he was wearing an Overcoat at odds with the undercoat...anyway a nice FINISH and i was gone,very dicey conditions with it coming down cats and dogs..on cross the bridges in Southampton my birth town...the Itchen and Notherm bridge........made a detour on the way home and popped into Hedge End..ware alot of my ancestors are from,the old peoples home that used to be the mansion..ware my Grandmother was in service,i stopped and sat on a wet step knowing my nan was part of the reason the stone was worn away...though i did get a stern look from the milkman who was either early or late!...must have thaught i was abit weird...i suppose he could be right.
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