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cause of death


Just received my 3x great grandads death cert it says cause of death paralysis, im wondering whether it was caused by an illness or accident ,he was only 39 yrs old and his wife had their 5th child the same month as he died which makes me think for obvious reasons his paralysis must have come on suddenly, this makes me lean more to thinking it was probably a accident , he died in 1846 Workington Cumberland and was a sailer/mariner is there a site which would tell me of any accidents that may have accurred about that time in Workington or at sea,Kind Regards Rosa.
Thanks Julie for your reply, ive tried the site you suggested but no luck, maybe something will crop up some day thanks again for your time ,kind regards Rosa.:(
Hoping I will not upset you with this.

Paralysis was often used as a term instead of the full title General Paralysis of the Insane .....the end stages of untreated syphillis !!

You are of course absolutely correct in saying it could have been an accicent
such as a broken neck.

Another common cause was poliomyelitis.

There are a whole range of locallly produced booklets about accidents at sea around the coast of the UK. I have several but they do not cover the Cumbrian coast

Thank you dochines for your reply . no im not upset, i think we are ready for anything when we do Genealogy, there are many skeletons in the cupboards and the more you delve the more you find, i will get one of the booklets you mentioned which seem interesting as i have quite a few seafaring ancesters,
thanks again for the info and for your time kind regards Margaret.