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cencus records

tring to find some info on gwilym thomas munden born glamorgan i think, he married a caroline johanna giddy born around 1840 i think:confused:
A possibilty in 1841

Civil parish Penlline
RD Bridgend
Sub RD Cowbridge

Edward Munden age 60 occ schoolmaster
Mary Munden age (not clear)
Edward Munden age 20 occ ag lab
Gwilym Munden age age 20 occ ag lab
Lillah Munden age 20
Maria Munden age15
Gerbury? Munden age 10

All born in county
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Civil parish Portsea
RD Portsea Island
Sub RD Kingston

Gwilym Thos Munden head age 39 occ Sargent RM Artillary born Penlline
Caroline wife age 22 born Plymouth Devon
Emily Mary dau age 1mth born Portsea Hants

Found this death

Year 1866
Gwilym Munden
Age 45
District Bridgend
Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4
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think this may be the one because he had a son frederick william have his birth certificate and the fathers occupation was sargeant royal marine) artillery:)
I'm not having any luck with Gwilyms and Carolines marriage, found a marriage for a Caroline Joanna Giddy 1855 district Plymouth but cant find Gwilym as the groom checked the index image as well.
This looks like a possibilty for Edward Munden in 1871 who is on the 1841 census. Household relationships are not given on the 1841 census.

Civil parish Penlline
RD Bridgend
Sub RD Cowbridge

Edward T Munden head age 49 occ farmer 32 acres emp 1 man born Penlline
Ann wife age 54? born Bridgend
Gwilym T son age 15 occ groom born Bridgend
Catherine dau age 11 born Bridgend
Edward D son age 9 born Penlline
do u think gwilym was a triplet because 3 of the children were aged 20

Hi Liddicoat,

The 1841 census rounded down the ages of people over the age of 15 to the nearest multiple of 5 years. So the 3 people who were listed as 20 could have been 21, 22, 23 or 24 years old and would still have been listed as 20 years old. This is the only census that did this. Children under the age of 15 should have their accurate ages shown.

on frederick birth certificate it has gwilym thomas munden as is father sergeant royal marine artillery but on his marriage cert it has father as edwin munden sergeant royal marine artillery, but cant find any of them married to a caroline johanna munden formerly giddy:confused:
Hi Liddicoat,

A bit confusing, Caroline may have been married before, though not found any evidence yet. Why fathers name Gwyilm/Edwin I dont know, maybe an error on one of the certificates which does happen. I've got one where the fathers name on the marriage certificate is Henry but the birth certificate says Thomas infact I've got another one which says Thomas and the fathers name is Charles :confused:

The marriage in 1855 for Caroline Joanna Giddy perhaps going for that certificate. What I would do is to apply to the local registry office for that area, with an explanation, not to sure the cost normally certificates are £7.00 but they may have a postal charge. If the groom isnt the one, think you may either get a full refund or partial. Hope this helps.
Hi Liddicoat,

This looks like Caroline and Gwylim/Edwin daughter Emily in 1881

Civil parish plymouth Charles the Martyr
RD Plymouth
Sub RD Charles
110 Exeter Street

Emily Mary Munden age (not clear but could be 20) occ servant born Plymouth
The household family are called brewer.