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census look up please


Would SKP please try to find Margaret Mason b 1886 possiably in the Oldham or Stockport ares of lancashire , her father was William Mason b abt 1857 a saddler, ive got a potential family in 1901 in Stockport father william with son also william and daughter Jane but no Margaret , ive got Margaret the same year at 22 st Thomas place a house of refuge in Stockport age 16 (i wonder why she was there) if i could find them altoghter in 1891 i would know they had a connection but to date no one can find them, thanks inanticipation . Rosa:(
Hi Rosa,
Where was William born ? Do you have her mothers name and DOB. ?
The Margaret I found on the 1901 in Stockport was born in St. Helens is that correct.
Hi Lizanne, Im sorry but i dont know her mothers name , I only know her fathers name and occupation as it was on her marriage certificate,I did find a William in 1881 census with wife Sarah and a daughter Rebecca he was born in Rainford, then there is another William Mason the same age and also a Saddler in 1901 census born in South Australia a widower with a daughter Jane b 1888 Sockport and also a son named William b 1882 st Helens so Im really confused, I was hopeing I might find one of them which had Margaret with them in 1891,
I did find a birth for Margaret in st Helens so i will send for the cert which would tell me her mothers name but im not sure if that is her, but since you say that Margaret was in Stockport in 1901 it sounds like her as i do remember my mother saying they lived in Stockport for a while,can you tell me what she was doing in 1901 and were in Stockport she lived, if possiable.
Thanks for your help and your time, kind regards Rosa.:)
Hi Rosa,
I have found a William Mason b 1855 St Helens
wife Sara A b 1859 St Helens
his occupation is give as sadler
Living Heaton Norris Stockport on the 1891 no children with them.
The daughter Rebecca that you found I am unable to find on the 1891 , but it looks like she is living with a grandmother Rebecca Welsh in Leigh Lancs on the 1901.
No sign of Margaret yet.
I will keep looking and get back to you.
Hi ,Jane, thankyou so much for keep looking for me , seems promiseing that the William with daughter Rebecca could be the one im looking for, i can remember my grandmother saying she had relations named Welsh /Welch who lived in Culcheth and Leigh which are pretty close by and as youve found a Rebecca living with her grandmother Rebecca Welsh in Leigh it sounds good,
I know that Williams wife died young so maybe the children were slit up and living with differant relatives if the children were slit up that is probably why it is hard to find them all together,I believe William was an habitual drunkard and eventually died of the DTs so maybe he wasnt fit to look after them when his wife died, he was deceased in 1910 this was on my grandmothers marriage certificate of 1910 i will have a search for the name Welsh/Welch and let you know if i come up with anything,thank you so much for all your help kind regards Rosa
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Hi Rosa,
Sorry but I am unable to find Margaret on the 1891, with our without a family.
The Margaret on the 1901 is listed as a boarder in a house of refuge in Stockport,her place of birth is given as St.Helens, her occupation is given as domestic servant.
As you have sent for a birth certificate it is probably best to wait until it arrives just to confirm details before looking any further.
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Hi Jane, Its me again, just to say i have sent for a birth certificate for Margaret Mason sent for the one born in st Helens hope its the right one ,like you say its no use looking further till Iget Margarets birth details, i will let you know when it arrives ,thanks again regards, Rosa.
Hi Jane, just to let you know it wasnt the right Margaret Masons birth cert i sent for born st Helens , i put a note in with my application that if her father William was not a Saddler I didnt want the certificate and they were good enough to return my cheque saying that st Helens Margarets father wasnt, I will now send for another Margaret ,theres one b Salford so I will go for that one , there are a few possiables and it wont be to bad if i keep getting my cheque back to try again, I know her father was always a Saddler so that helps.will speak soon and let you know when, and if i ever get the right one .regards Rosa.