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Census missing people


dovercourt but born Enfield
Are there anywhere on the web the probability of missing areas in each oc the censuses!

I have so many missing from the 1881 census that a lot must be missing.
I evne have the morman 18812 census disks but they are not forth coming!.

Mis-spellings and abbreviations on the transcripts are always a possibility - some examples from my family have been Goates for Coates, Wm for William, Jno for John and Jonathan. I've run some of these to earth by searching for the surname and just the initial of the forename - and when really desperate, leaving the forename totally blank.

Also people aren't always where you expect them to be - I've found some of my missing persons by simply searching for the name, and searching all counties. This has turned up people in the navy, in boarding schools, in prisons and workhouses.

The lad in the boarding school was interesting - his father was a London fireman, living with his family in the fire station, certainly not affluent. But his son had got a scholarship to a school in Surrey which gave craftsman training to poor boys.
I have been trying to research the whereabouts of William Taylor. In 1871 and 1885 he was in Canewdon Essex and died in Rochford in 1898 and was born in Wimbish but I cannot find him at all in 1881 anywhere.
I have an 11 year old boy, that I cannot find on the 1911 census, you would expect someone of that age to be at home, but he is not, and cannot be found anywhere, I wonder if people where just missed by mistake ?......Del.
I also wonder if some people were simply missed, that could be what happened to my William Taylor of Canewdon, Essex. Maybe he was temporarily abroad or something or simply missed.
In my case I think there are now 4 familes that I cannot find all should be in the same area. I realise that some of the streets in the shoreditch area are not of good character, according to booth!
So I wonder if the inumerator did not insists on the returns being filled in.
We will just never know I guess!