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Certificate with Birth and Death Dates?


New member
I have obtained the attached birth certificate from GRO. I have already determined that the baby's mother died one day after the birth. I can find no death record for the baby or indeed any other record. I also know that the father used the same names for a later child with his second wife.

The birth was on 20 September but 25 and a cross has been added with the words "twenty five" written in the margin and initialled by the registrar.

My interpretation is that the baby died on the 25th September. Does that seem right?

Can anyone throw light on this? Was it common practice for early infant deaths to be recorded in this manner?

Thanks for any help, Peter


  • 1891 Birth & Death Edward Albert Bourne.pdf
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It also says when registered 22nd. September. Perhaps the father was to distressed after his wife's death to get the dates right. Did the father move after the event as there is a death in Bromley that may be Albert.

BOURNE, ALBERT EDWARD 0 GRO Reference: 1891 D Quarter in BROMLEY Volume 02A Page 260
The birth is dated Twentieth and registered on 22nd. It has then been corrected to 25th with a '25' under Twentieth and also in the right margin.

It does not appear to be a record of death on the 25th but a correction of the birth date.
If the 20th is an error and the error is discovered after 22nd ??

I would expect to see "Occasional Copy A" on the GRO index entry.
Thank you for all your suggestion, see my comments/replies:

1) The mother's death certificate, which I attach, shows she died on the 21st the day after the birth. The cause of death says "puerperal convulsions lasting 24 hours". Registered was on the day of the death. This shows the birth could not have been on the 25th; four days later. (Puerperal convulsions is an old fashioned term and from what I've read it is bleeding associated with childbirth.)

2) The father had no association with Bromley and continued to live in Whitfield Road until at least 1911, although he did move to a different house.

It looks to me as if death is still most likely.

Thanks again, Peter


  • 1891 Death of Emma Bourne.JPG
    1891 Death of Emma Bourne.JPG
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