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Changing names

Hi all

My gg grandfather was registered at birth as Edward Thomas Tyler in 1852. His mother was Martha Tyler and father was left blank.

This came as a bit of a surprise as I thought he was born a Patten. He is Patten on his marriage cert and on the 1871 census(cant find the 1861 one). His fathers name on the marriage cert is Edward Patten(deceased). On the 1851 census Martha is living as a lodger with Edward Patten.

I suppose my question is- can I find out when and where he changed his name.

Hi Nick,

The short answer is that probably no official change was made, he just assumed his putative fathers name as he lived with him and his mother after birth until his marriage 18+ years later.

When someone had a child who was single they were normally obliged to register with the mothers surname, unlike today when you can have a choice of which surname you use if there is a partner or common law spouse.

When it got round for him to be married it was tactful for all concerned to assume his fathers name and avoided any public embarrassment when the banns were read

You will find this is quite common in family trees