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changing times

Leeds, born Hull
I have just been reading about the history of Hull. It is interesting that I made a post about two brothers and the Barking Fishing industry. http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/showthread.php?t=18258&referrerid=13115
Barking was a major fishing port in the days of sail, but declined as steam took over, eventually to loose its industry, loosing out to ports like Hull and Grimsby.
Today I read that after becoming the third largest port and major fishing port, the fishing industry in Hull has finally gone and the market closed. What comes round, goes round... How different Hull is today from when I was a youngster, collecting train numbers in the massive marshalling yards in and around the docks, which are now a shopping centre.



Loyal Member
swindon wilts
I always enjoy delivering in Hull...the City has a kind of them and us mentality almost like the Cornish people.
The Humber is a great river with a lot of early English history based around it...it must have been a magical place to work as a young man on the docks with all those great foreign ships and fishing vessels arriving.
Like all the great ports they are having to get used to downsizing .....lets hope that like Bristol,Portsmouth etc they keep there sense of heritage...and use it for tourism and such.


Well-known member
Adelaide South Australia
thanks for jogging my memory Dave. I worked at St Andrews Dock for the White Fish Authority, for a little time, which was within walking distance for me. Then moved on to work in Whitefriargate learning my 'trade' in legal work. My best friend was connected to a well known fishing family so we used to get regular packs of fish on a Friday. Looking back it was a great time and great community.

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