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Channon Family


Hello, I'm Janet, a newbie from Sydney. I have noted previous posts on Thomas Channon and his wife Ann Peake, I'm now looking to confirm (if possible) his parents as James Channon and Ann Giles from Exeter which is largely based on the probate on his estate being granted to his brother Frederick from Exeter. I'm currently writing up this family and want to stress test this relationship if those in the forum related to this family would be so kind. Many thanks, Janet
Hello Janet and welcome to the Forum.

Ann's name was Pakenham and changed to Peake when she married.

On the site of the Hornsby shopping centre there once stood, for many years, a magnificent two-storey house called ‘Pakenham’. It had been built in 1894 and was the realisation of a childhood dream for a young Cornish immigrant, James Channon, who had come to New South Wales to strike his fortune in the goldfields. An asthma sufferer all his life, Channon’s doctor advised him to move from the relative congestion of Burwood to the spacious ‘healthy highlands’ of Hornsby. The advice must have been sound because Channon lived well into his seventies.

12 Jan 1803 St Sidwell Exeter, Devon, England
Batch M050511

No baptism found for Thomas abt 1805,

Letitia Channon
Christening: 29 Oct 1817
Event Place: Castle Street-Independent, Exeter, Devon, England
Birth Date: 16 Oct 1817
Father's Name: James Channon
Mother's Name: Ann Giles
GS Film Number 590690
Batch C063631

HO107 Piece/Book 268/4 Folio 23 Page 41
Civil Parish: St Sidwell
Hundred: Exeter City
County: Devon
Registration District: Exeter
Sub-RD: St Sidwell
ED: 4
Address: Sidwell St
James Channon 55 Accountant Y
Ann 55 Y
Letitia 20 Y
Fredk. 15 Y
George 15 Y
Ann 13 Y

Dave, thanks for the info. While the family believes Ann was a Pakenham, there is no proof, nor is there any way of knowing how she got the name Peake. I've researched this family fairly thoroughly, even visited Capt Wm Pakenham RNs grave in Northern Ireland. I've my own theory about Ann Peake which differs slightly from family lore, but I am still a little unsure about the logic I've applied to Thomas Channon's parents. Janet
The name of the residence 'Pakenham' came from somewhere.

What is on the death reg?

Deaths Jun Qtr 1844 CHANNON Ann [37] Falmouth 9 59

The family is not one of my direct lines so I don't have a copy.

I have a copy of Ann's death certificate as she was my 3GGM. Typical English DC with little useful information. She died on June 8, 1844 at Woodlane Tce, Falmouth aged 37 of 'inflammation of the lungs'. Wife of Thomas Channon Guard of Coach. Ann must have shared her parentage with her children. I have a hand drawn family tree done by my mother from notes given to her by a descendant of James Channon (of the house in Hornsby called Pakenham) and taken from the parish registers of Ottery St Mary. This shows Thomas Channon (husband of Ann Peake) as the 2nd son of James Channon (Cavalry Officer in the Indian army) and Frances Ann (dau. of Major General Evaleigh of Holcolm Barton, Ottery St Mary. I can't find any evidence of this. Janet
Thanks Janet.

I've not seen mention of the name Evaleigh before.

If I have the right 1841 census then James is listed as an accountant. In 1845 when Thomas remarried James is listed as a Commercial Clerk.
In 1851 James is listed as Accountant Chelsea Pensioner. I have not attempted to find why it shows him as a Chelsea Pensioner.
Census show Thomas as born abt 1805 Devonport. That is after the 1803 marriage of James to Ann Giles. It would not fit if that was the second marriage for James.

No baptism for Thomas to fit with those baptised at St Sidwell Exeter so if that Frederick is not the brother then we need another Frederick.

On having another look Evaleigh should be Eveleigh, apparently lessees of a portion of Holcombe Barton.
The timeline I have for Thomas is:
c.1806: born Devonport or Ottery St Mary
1824: London - Enlisted 94th Foot
1829: Gibraltar - married Anne Peake
1830: Gibraltar - birth of son James Robert
1833: St Sidwells, Exeter - birth of son John Francis
1835: Falmouth - birth of son Thomas
1837: St Sidwells, Exeter - birth of dau. Emmeline
1839: Falmouth - birth of dau. Ellen
1841: Devonport - 1841 Census, Stage Coach Guard
1844: Falmouth - Death of wife Ann nee Peake/Pakenham
1845: Plymouth - marriage to Sarah Hambly nee Bond, widow
1851: Liskeard - 1851 census 'London Inn' - with second wife and daus. Emmeline and Ellen
1861: Liskeard - 1861 census 'London Inn' - with second wife and daus. Emmeline and Ellen
1863: Death by suicide - no death reg. uncovered but probate refers to Sarah Relict and Frederick Channon of Exeter, brother
The parentage I currently have for Thomas is James b.1786 Ottery St Mary and Ann nee Giles. This James was a long time member of the Devon Militia, finishing up as a QMS (which I equate to a civilian commercial clerk) which is I assume how he became a Chelsea Pensioner. During the Napoleonic years the Militia would have been based in or around Devonport where Thomas was born. Afterwards, James & Ann spent their entire lives in St Sidwells Parish, Exeter which is where Thomas went after leaving Gibraltar - coincidence?
A further wrinkle, the family notes mention an 'Old Uncle Harry' cousin to the writer's grandfather (James Robert). This would be Henry William Channon, b.1833 Bridgwater, Somerset to James Channon MRCVS & May Ann Blackmore. Henry William died in Boorowa NSW in 1921 and was buried at Frogmore. This would make his father James (Vet) a brother of Thomas (Gibraltar) but he doesn't appear on my list of children to James and Ann of Exeter.
Having said all that, these notes have to taken with a grain of salt eg. "Grandfather James Robert RN and his father Thomas fought at Crimea 1854 and at Balaclava under Duke of Wellington." At that time James Robert was at HMS Fisgard undergoing engineer training transferring to HMS Rifleman in Sept 1856. Thomas was in Cornwall, England.
Thanks Janet.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) - Fri 10 Dec 1858
SHOULD this meet the eye of HENRY CHANNON, son of James Channon, (vet. surg.), Taunton, Somerset, he is requested to write to his cousin Thomas Channon, Adelong Quartz-reef, Tumut, N.S.W.

I have tried but failed so far to connect James (Vet).

Henry William is in my tree via this connection.


But where is Henry William born abt 1833?

HO107 Piece/Book 971/2 Folio 33 Page 5
Civil Parish: Bridgwater
Hundred: Bridgwater
County: Somerset
Registration District: Bridgwater
Sub-RD: Bridgwater
ED: 4
Address: St Mary St
James Channon 35 Vet Surgeon N
Mary 15 Y
John 14 N
Frederick 13 Y
William 10 Y
Fanny 8 Y
James 6 Y
Thomas 5 Y
Samuel 3 Y
Caroline 10mo Y
Fanny Blackmore 25 Governess N
Jane Saunders 20 F.S. N

HO107 Piece 1923 Folio 156 Page 3
Civil Parish: Bishops Hull
Town: Taunton
County: Somerset
Registration District: Taunton
Sub-RD: St James
ED: 2a
No of Schedule: 11
Address: Castle Green
James Channon Head Mar 45 Veterinary Surgeon Ottery St Mary Devon
M A Channon Wife Mar 45 Exeter Devon
M A Channon Dau Unm 23 Bridgwater Somerset
J Channon Son 22 Veterinary Surgeon Ottery St Mary Devon
C Channon Dau 10 Scholar Bridgwater Somerset
F Channon Dau 8 Scholar Taunton Somerset
Sarah Harford Serv Unm 30 House Serv Offwell Devon

RG9 Piece 1619 Folio 5 Page 5
Civil Parish: Bishops Hull
Town: Taunton
County: Somerset
Registration District: Taunton
Sub-RD: St James
ED: 7f
No of Schedule: 21
Address: Castle Green
James Channon Head Mar 55 Veterinary Surgeon & Smith Employing 4 Men Exeter Devon
Mary Ann Channon Wife Mar 55 Ottery St Mary Devon
Mary Ann Channon Dau 33 Bridgwater Somerset
Emily King Dau Mar 26 Bridgwater Somerset
Caroline Channon Dau Unm 19 Bridgwater Somerset
Fanny Ann Channon Dau 17 Taunton Somerset
Minnie Eugene Eugine Channon Grandchild 5 Scholar Taunton Somerset
Eliza Newton Servant 24 Genl. Serv Chard Somerset
Eliza Channon Daughter-in-Law 26 Wife of Vety. Surgeon Taunton Somerset
M A E S Channon Grandchild 7 Taunton Somerset
Minnie Eugene Eugine Channon Grandchild 6 Taunton Somerset
Isabel Channon Grandchild 4 Taunton Somerset
Emilia A Channon Grandchild 1 Woolwich Kent
Caroline Speller Serv Unm 20 Nursemaid Ottery St Mary Devon
James (Vet) and Thomas (Gibraltar) brothers but no baptisms found to connect them to James & Ann.

Or they are not connected and we need another Frederick.
Thanks Geoff.

Somehow we need to connect three brothers - James (Vet) and Thomas (Gibraltar) and Frederick who may or may not be children of James Channon and Ann Giles.

Somehow we need to connect three brothers - James (Vet) and Thomas (Gibraltar) and Frederick who may or may not be children of James Channon and Ann Giles.
I can't see a Thomas in the Gibralter Index, there is a James Robert 1830 and a Henry and a Charles 1838-39.

Married not born.

CHANNON Thomas Gibraltar 1830 page 1102
PEAKE Anne Gibraltar 1830 page 1102
GRO Chaplains Returns Marriages 1796-1880

Census has born abt 1805 Devonport. Born abt the same time as James the vet - Ottery St Mary or Exeter depending on the census.
One son born there.
YEAR 1830