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Channon Family

Page 136
1845 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Charles The Martyr in the County of Devon
No 271 - April 26
Thomas Channon - full age - Widower - Coach Guard - Charles The Martyr - James Channon - Commercial Clerk
Sarah Hambly - full age - Widow - - - St. Neots - Richd. Bond - Mariner
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by Licence, by me C. Greenall Davies Vicar
Parties signed. Witnessed signed: Robert Primm ?, George Nawland ?
Thanks Geoff.

12 Jan 1803 St Sidwell Exeter, Devon, England
Batch M050511

Not sure if this is the vet or not?

James c. 18 May 1803 St Sidwell Exeter, Devon
James CHANNON & Ann
Batch C050511

Thomas could be abt 1805 Devonport ?

then a gap

Stephen b. 23 Mar 1812 c. 29 Oct 1817 CASTLE STREET-INDEPENDENT, Exeter, Devon
Batch C063631
That's the problem Geoff. Seems to be only one Frederick connected to Exeter and that connects Thomas and the vet to Ann Giles.

Census have the vet born more 1806 not 1803. Perhaps the 1803 one died young and we are missing baptisms for Thomas and James and possibly others with that large gap.

Yes, I'm not seeing anything to connect Thomas And Frederick?


We only have the probate record that say a brother Frederick of Exeter. And this.

CHANNON Frederick. 30 July. The Will of Frederick Channon late of Landsdowne-terrace in the County of the City of Exeter Accountant who died 11 June 1883 at Landsdowne-terrace was proved at Exeter by Robert Channon Johnson of Belmont-place in the said County of the said City Gentleman the sole Executor. Personal Estate £1,787 1s. 6d.
Not seeing Frederick, [accountant], St Sidwell after 1881

Possible probate..

Frederick Channon
Death Date:11 Jun 1883
Death Place:Exeter, Devon
Probate Date:30 Jul 1883
Probate Registry:Exeter

See attachment.



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I will share this hand-drawn tree to see if it gets us anywhere. It's on foolscap so a little truncated and not easy to decipher, also I had to reduce the resolution to get a small enough file to attach .Thomas and Anne Peake/Pakenham are roughly in the centre. Above that line to the left is the statement, '6 brothers (John), Henry Thomas Robert Horatio Stephen nearly all in army. Also Edward?', which I think refers to Thomas' line. Parents of Thomas are James Channon of Ottery St Mary and Gibraltar and Frances Anne da. of Major General Eveleigh of Holcolm Barton and niece of Co. Giles, Indian Army. Thomas was an army vet as was John (John James?). Many of the claims on this tree are either false or unprovable which is why I question it. There are striking similarities between Thomas; (Gibraltar) siblings on this tree and those of James & Ann (Exeter), but also significant differences. Janet


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Thanks Janet.

Reminds me of a tree I inherited that had all sorts of claims most proved to be wrong many years later after I had a chance to walk around Paisley in Scotland. "Samuel Angel a minister for 30 years in Paisley with a plaque on the wall of the church commemorating that fact" Not fact and no sign of such a person.

I have the 5 children as James Robert, John Francis, Thomas, Emmeline Mary Ann and Ellen. That's not the same as the tree.

My conclusion. The probate has Frederick as a brother and the only Frederick who seems to fit as executor and of Exeter is the son of James and Ann Giles. We can show that James the vet is a brother but what we don't have is a baptism for James junior and Thomas. It seems several children of James & Ann were baptised at the same time. Some baptised at Exeter St . Sidwell and others at Castle-street Independent. A big gap between 1803 marriage and 1817 baptisms. It would appear some early baptisms are missing.

Dave, it appears that for a portion of their lives, James & Ann (Exeter) were non-conformist and possibly had to wait for a visiting minister for baptisms and therefore they happened in batches. Stephen, Matilda and Letitia were baptised together in 1817, Melinda & Horatio in 1821. The following kids had traditional CE baptisms. I'm not sure we'll ever crack this nut. Janet
I think only if somehow more baptisms appear. I know I'm stuck in many of my direct lines in E Sussex in 1795/6 and in Co Down in 1830s because baptisms can't be found.
A further wrinkle, the family notes mention an 'Old Uncle Harry' cousin to the writer's grandfather (James Robert). This would be Henry William Channon, b.1833 Bridgwater, Somerset to James Channon MRCVS & May Ann Blackmore. Henry William died in Boorowa NSW in 1921 and was buried at Frogmore. This would make his father James (Vet) a brother of Thomas (Gibraltar) but he doesn't appear on my list of children to James and Ann of Exeter.

Henry William is in my tree via this connection.

His bap looks to have him as William Henry? [If I have the correct one]

I have no baptism Geoff.

I have no arrival.

Marriage 3361/1879 CHANNON HENRY WILLIAM - LANG JEAN VICTORIA - ADELONG * 10 Jan 1879 * CofE

Can't find a notice in Trove

"I have Henry William Channon's marriage certificate but as usual it is blank except for the Church details, did not even give Henry and Jean Victoria Lang's ages. He is a miner and she is a teacher. The only way to get the rest of the details would be to contact St. Paul's Anglican Church Adelong."