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Charles Beckett


Hi I wonder if anyone is able to help me.

Im looking for information on the birth a Charles Beckett who died 1972 in Northampton, I know on the 1911 census he was an apprentice bootmaker and lived with Edward Arthur Lowe and Edwards family in st.johns wood London. His birthplace was listed as Berkshire. Im struggling to find him on the 1901 census. I can only find one birth for a Charles Beckett from Abingdon Berkshire but the 1911 census doesn't match up.

I also know he married Fanny E Pilgrim in 1919 and his father is listed as Charles Beckett. I don't know his mothers name or any other information.

My Nan seems to think his name might actually be Leonard Charles Beckett but I still cant find anything.
Apparantly he didn't like to talk about his past and my nan things he may have been illegitimate or adopted perhaps?

Any help is much appreciated, Thank you
I reckon this may be him

1901 England Census

Ecclesiastical parish; Uffington St Mary
County/Island: Berkshire
Country: England

Registration District: Faringdon
Sub-registration District: Buckland

Piece: 1129 Folio: 14 Page Number: 1

Chas Bennett 36 Carter on farm, Berks
Martha Bennett 36 Longcott
Louisa Bennett 12 Longcott
Richard Bennett 9 Longcott
Charles Bennett 7 Longcott
William Bennett 3 Uffington

Longcott, Uffington, and Farringdon are small villages, not far from Abingdon

Charles and Fanny had three children, Fanny R, Geoffrey J and Charles L. Was the latter Charles Leonard?
The 1911 actual census Record gives Charles birthplace as Abingdon


this discounts that unless you are not sure you had the right Charles.

1911 England Census

Charles Bennett

Age in 1911:16

Birth Place: Longcot, Berkshire, England

Street Address: Uffington Nr Faringdon, Berks

Occupation: Farm Labourer
Registration District: Faringdon

Piece: 6441

Charles Bennett 46
Martha Bennett 46
Richard Bennett 18
Charles Bennett 16
William Bennett 12
Harry Bennett 10

This one maybe worth looking into.

1901 census has a Alice Beckett single with children Charles age 8 and Isaac aged 3 1/2 months. They are living in the civil parish of Beedon - RD Wantage - Sub RD Ilsley

Class RG13
Piece 1137
Folio 48
Page 2

I don't know who the man is with them. Name Charles Beckett born about 1875 Beedon occupation farm labourer. His surname has been dittoed, think this may be an error.

1911 has Isacc in the Manor Road, Scattered Homes, Wantage, Berks and
Alice in the Wantage Union Workhouse, The Downs, Newbury Rd, Wantage her occupation is given as field worker.
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davelambert271 the ones you suggest are listed as Bennett, do you think this is possible misspelt?

I know they did have 3 children, Fanny Rose, Geoff, and Charles Leonard Beckett (b.1920)
Hi, also how did you manage to find out the information about him having 3 children? Sorry Im new to this and other than census records I get a bit stuck. Many thanks again
Hi, also how did you manage to find out the information about him having 3 children? Sorry Im new to this and other than census records I get a bit stuck. Many thanks again

If you look on freebmd. search births for fathers name Beckett and spouse name Pilgrim between 1920 and 1940. This gives you Fanny and Charles. Searching with the same info on Ancestry gives you all three.


Hi, Ive had the birth certificate come through for Charles Beckett.
It says
born 8th June 1893 in Union Workhouse, Abingdon.
Mother: Louisa Beckett, Field work, Sutton Courtney?
On the signature section it says: x the mark of Louisa Beckett, mother, union workhouse, Abingdon.
Registerd 28th June 1893
how likely is it the death index has his date of birth wrong? the death I found which im 99% sure is the right person states birth as 10th JE 1893, which has been transcribed as February but I presume to be June. Yet my birth cert says
8th June 1893. Are they two separate people?

Im having real difficulty with this one as im finding many conflicting things!

I can see where you are coming from, there are few niggles:

Charles Leonard, family thoughts, errors in transcription etc., :rolleyes:

I think on balance you have the correct Charles, b. 1893 - d. 1972.

There doesn't appear to be another Charles Beckett that fits for those dates and areas.

You can't rule out a transcription error, it does happen. It may be worth contacting the appropriate RO and asking what they think..