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Charlotte/Charles H. Smith. 1864.


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Well folks, I had my wally moment last week.

I had been searching for ages for a b/md for a Charles H. Smith b.1864.Monks Risborough.
I gave up after hitting brickwall after brickwall.

Then last week my Smith cousin from High Wycombe, went into the records office and found most of the baptisms for this family.

Lo and behold, there was one for Charlotte Smith. Huh.!!!!!!:D Parents and siblings details all correct.

I thought....'Oh, no....not another one to find'.:eek:

So I went back to the census of 1871....and there she/he was. Charles H. Smith.......daughter of Henry Smith and Mary(Whyat).:rolleyes:

Once that was established, SHE was quite easy to trace.

1881. Richmond, Surrey.
1891. Hove, Sussex.
1901. Dover, Kent.
1911. Hogbrook farm, Alkham, Dover, Kent. (with the same family of 1901).

Went on googlemaps(street view)....and there was the beautiful farm of Hogbrook. (check it out for yourselves).

She died in 1931, and is mentioned on her brothers will. (I wondered who this stanger was for a few weeks. Now I know).

Charles H.Smith. R.I.P.......long live Charlotte.:2fun::2fun:

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